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  1. I just recently picked up a 93 cobra for a great price. I was looking to drop in my older motor (built 306 with afr165 and an xtreme energy cam, ported gt-40) and run a direct port nitrous set up. But recently I've been reading up on kenne bell blowers. I feel like the biggest downfall is heat soak. But for a car that is being built for fun and not racing, I feel like the kenne bell would be an ideal choice. Soo my build idea is a blowzilla mounted to a 6 speed. This would be an expensive build but I kinda like the idea of a fox cobra with the terminator characteristics. (Take the terminator comment with a grain of salt, I do realize the tech differences) anyways opinions are welcomed
  2. Just make sure that you use a by-pass valve with the Kenne Bell, it helps limiting heat soak. Also look into a water meth system to work in conjunction with the blower, that also makes a big difference in air-charge temps. You will love the instant torque of the twin screw.
  3. Yea there are people that fab air to air intercoolers on these units but I don't have the balls to start cutting into the case and welding. They also seem to be very difficult to tune. But I agree with you I think the meth injection would be an awesome choice. I would also have to upgrade fuel delivery.
  4. Don't know where you heard more "difficult" than any other forced induction system.
  5. This is all your territory @Bullitt347

    If you have your heart set on the kennebell and swapping the motor than go for it! Is the car you have a real Cobra? Is it rather unmolested? Pictures, we need pictures!!! I'm sure all of the others will be through here soon to offer their .02 cents.

    My .02 cents: If it's stock original then leave it, if it's been molested then Vortech FTW ( Sorry, I just couldn't help myself)
  6. Yes the body is 9/10 and it's got a built motor now. 306 with twisted wedge heads and a TF stage 2 cam. T5 needs a rebuild that's about it. Last fall I Addressed rear blown shocks and put in tokico hp's, eibach pro kits, new bushings in 8.8 housing, hotchkis uppers and lowers, and an eibach HD sway bar. It's too cold out now but the front suspension will be my first project when it warms up.
  7. I was following a build thread on the A2A intercoolers that is like 20 + pages long and it seemed like those who have done the mod have a difficult time tuning them. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to fab one up but with meth as an option I think it's a easier route to go.
  8. Well if you are going to build a 363 small block and run a 2.8L liquid cooled Kenne Bell with a custom one of a kind air to air intercooler and use a piggy back tuner, then I guess there may be some tuning issues :shrug:
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  9. :lol:
  10. yea that guy haha. Next I have to figure out whether or not Im going to keep the motor that is in it now or put my other 306 in.
  11. I think you should scrap the 306 idea altogether, and get a 250c.i inline six.

    Then find an Australian Crossflow head and adapt that thing to fit.

    Then hack a series of big honkin' holes down the side of the block so you could get some solid roller lifters in there.

    Then you should order a custom built solid roller cam.

    Then you should buy a true roller timing chain set for a 5.0, and remove one link, machine .050 off the front of your crank, then turn the crank gear completely around. Drill the cam to accept the dowel pin, and extend the woodruff keyway on the crank to accommodate the reversed crank gear.

    Then you should custom build a twin scroll exhaust header to accomodate a BorgWarner 300SX turbo.

    Then you should custom build an intake manifold out of mild steel and direct port fuel inject the thing.

    Then you should build the MSII V3 fuel injection computer to make everything work.

    Then, when everything is running perfect, take it to the dyno and have it tuned to make somewhere around 450 RWHP, and 550 RWTQ @ 2600 RPM.

    Now THAT would be different............:banana:
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  12. Are you just looking for a cool car to cruise around in, or do you want to really move? Those Kenne Bells are cool for looks, but if you really want to move, pass on it and get a centrifugal.

  13. Well a little bit of both. The car moves pretty well as it sits now n/a. I'm going for something different, really fun to drive, and most importantly have it be street friendly. The characteristics of the twin screw are really the driving force behind this idea.
  14. It's so hard to wrap my head around modifying a 93' Cobra in any way. Those cars are so valuable in stock form. I just can't imagine it wouldn't be so much more profitable to return that car back to stock, selling it, and then building a non Cobra car. It would be $10k in the bank towards a fast car.

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  15. Yea if the car was bone stock when I bought it I wouldn't touch it. One of the main reasons I was able to afford it was because the motor is out of another car, it has full exhaust, ugly-ass wheels and 3:73. I found a killer deal on 4 OEM 93 cobra wheels which have since been swapped on to the car to retain the stock cobra look. But the body/paint is near perfect, the interior is mint, and for an east coast car, theres minimal rust just some spots underneath. The Kenne Bell and 6 speed are still just an idea at this point but it's something Ive never really seen done which is a motivation. Stock or not, I could never sell this car. It's F%#&ing beautiful.
  16. I just priced out a Magnum T56 upgrade. It's so damn expensive. It would make for a cool car though.

  17. Yes they are huge money after its all said and done. But with the torque of the kenne bell I can see myself having to rebuild the t5 every season and that isn't too hard but it adds up over time.
  18. I would definitely move away from the T5. They brake pretty easy. You can get into a TKO500/600 for about half the price of a Magnum T56. It is just a 5 speed transmission. If you really want to find the best transmission option I recommend talking to Bob Hanlon at Hanlon Motorsports in Pennsylvania. He is extremely knowledgeable and has always given me good advice on ways to save money without sacrificing performance. He will get you the transmission that best fits your needs.

  19. Yea that sounds like a good idea. I bought my first rebuild kit and his step by step rebuild video and successfully rebuilt a t-5 about 6 years ago.
  20. I'd just slap a vortech on there if your current engine runs right.
    For the trans just go with a tko600.

    Just not that big of a KB fan on a pushrod engine. I know some guys here have done some cool custom stuff with them, but i still don't think it's worth the trouble.
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