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  1. I also don't care for the KB.

  2. That does not mean that it is not a viable option. I hate Chevys, but that does not stop millions of them from being sold. The Kenne Bell supercharger does what it does very well. If you want to build a engine that operates outside of those parameters, then don't get a Kenne Bell, But it is not the superchargers fault that it is being used outside of its sweet spot. The Kenne Bell makes awesome bottom end torque, that is what it is all about. That way you don't have to max rpm the engine to get max boost. And for most daily driven street cars, having a fat torque curve is more enjoyable and usable on the street than the typical high rpm centrifugal blower. To qualify that statement...........a Kenne Bell will give you max boost at 2,000 rpm. A centrifugal blower will not do that for you, you have to wind the engine higher to start getting boost, and peak boost is typically at peak rpm. It all come down to what you want the car/engine to do for you. In the right application either the twin screw or the centrifugal will give you exactly what you want.
  3. I just saw that you're running a kenne bell. Any vids of your car ?
  4. I didn't say NEVER RUN A KENNE BELL. I just prefer the centrifugal myself. It's more efficient and runs cooler. You can also run a better intake and not just a Cobra lower. I know the KB gets your more low end torque, but that really is a non issue on a 5 Litre V8 don't you think.

  5. Why not try to help him make the most of the KB setup instead of trying to change his mind?

    Almost everything that people recommend on this site are always the same exact setup every time and nobody would be different. It's all about "that" sucks get TFS/AFR, "this" sucks get Ed Curtis, "that" is not good get Vortech, don't waste time porting GT-40's get aluminum! etc.

    Everybody always recommend the same thing and some people just want something different, so lets encourage it.

    Maybe it's the punk rock Gen X in me that says go for the KB, you'd be the dude with the blue Mohawk in a crowd of bleach blonde bowl-cuts.

    Good luck
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  6. I think I'm sold on the Kenne Bell. Nothing against Vortech or Procharger, just want to try something different.

  7. Car is not quite done yet. The custom inlet/outlet manifolds are still being machined. I am in the middle of installing the Fast XFI engine management system now. This build is pretty much for drag racing purposes. Kind of a slap in the face to everyone who said you can't make a Kenne Bell car run hard lol. The end result should net about 1,200 HP or so at the crank.
  8. So you are spending more time and money to prove people wrong and they are the ones getting slapped in the face?

    I don't think people question that KB cars can run "hard". I just think they question the financial sensibility of doing it when other ways can be so much cheaper and easier.
  9. why does everyone get their shorts is a twist when someone wants to put the cheaper LS engine into a Fox Mustang? Point #2, I suppose your happy with all of the Chevy powered old Ford hot rods, right? After all it has only been done 10 Billion have a belly button, I have a belly button, ain't we Kool! Point #3, Ever heard of an engineering exercise? Probably not because your happy with the status quo right?
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  10. Im curious as to what needs to be done to the suspension to attempt to harness the power produced by a Kenne Bell. Currently I have an 8.8 with new bushings, hotchkis upper and lowers, pro-kits, tokico HP, and 3:73's. I have a built 8.8 with 3:55's in the garage but that would require some brackets to swap over the 93 cobra discs. From what I understand, Saleen used to make the kit needed to do that swap but it's very rare and chances of finding it are slim.
  11. 302's don't have any bottom end lol. Maybe in a car it feels that way, but in anything other than a fox body the 5.0 has very lack luster torque. 4 inch bore and 3 inch stroke is not a recipe for low end.
  12. hey what kind of rims are on that fox of yours? they look big judging by avatar but they look like they fit right in
  13. You must have signatures turned off in your forum settings. First post by a user on a page always shows the signature.
    My pics and vids are there.

    94-98 saleen 18 inch speedline wheels.
  14. They look sick. I always loved those and the roush argent rims. I wish I could find a set somewhere
  15. The reason most people recommend certain parts is because of their personal expierience. If certain things work better than others (in their expierience) why wouldn't they recommend them? I'm all for doing the Kenne Bell. As far as your suspension goes it is an ok street/cornering suspension. You will be hard pressed to keep the tires hooked up on the street though with the added torque.
  16. Yea I don't plan on running the 1/4 to often. I know it's hard to keep the tires planted with the flat out torque. I did the whole drag thing with my last mustang. I'm trying something new. I want something fun that handles like its on rails. (Or handles better than a drag setup )
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  17. I'm not going to beat a dead horse on the blower issue. If the OP wants to run a KB, I don't think it's a bad choice. If you put a blower on your car, odds are you are going to be happy with it regardless of type or brand. We've already argued that one to death in other threads. The KB will work just fine with this application. If he had said that he wanted to run 14 lbs of boost and try and set a forced induction 1/4 mile record with the KB, then I think we would have to interject a little more opinion. I simply said that I personally prefer the centrifugal.

    I honestly think you are in good shape axle wise. The deciding factor is tires. If you only run street tires you are fine with your stock axles. If you are running slicks or drag radials you will want to consider a set or hardened axles and a locker rebuild. Although if you haven't been hard on the locker in the past you might be ok leaving it alone. My stock locker went a long time before it started slipping. You say you have a built GT axle, but honestly it depends on how it was built. What axles, how many splines, what brand of gears, what kind of locker. I think you are doing really well with the suspension. I would leave it alone until you find a problem.

  18. Does anyone have experience buying a KB? I'm looking to do so but have noticed that the only option for flow/blowzilla is with a/c, and I don't have a/c. Emailed them but no word back yet
  19. Probably going to have to scrap this plan because they are out if the blow/flowzilla. Pretty bummed
  20. Maybe im weird but I'd be putting my money into setting it back to stock. And that feels weird to say but I'd absolutely love a bone stock cobra