Fox Build Ideas For My 90 Lx 5.0

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  1. With an aftermarket block(preferably a Dart Machinery) you can more than double how far out you can bore them. They have a lot more material(#1reason for strength) in them. If you are just going to do a stock block I'd try and stay .030-.040 over but you can go .060 over. Have it machined for a stroker crank(331-347) with aftermarket pistons,rods,etc. or you can build a 306(.030 overbore w/stock stroke crank) A 306 build can reuse your rods and crank(some reconditioning is recommended ie turn/polish the journals,arp bolts,etc) With good heads,cam,etc you can have a nice stout street engine that can last a long time(350+rwhp) and a stock block 331-347 built properly can make 400rwhp or more
  2. The tfs kit is a nice kit but very limited on max power potential. This is what I recommend for a topend kit. TFS 190 or 205cc heads,custom hyd roller cam,tfs r box intake(May need new hood for clearance) or a ported Holley systeMax intake,75-90mm accufab t.b,80-95mm mas,A TUNE,long tube headers with good exhaust. Easily capable of 325 rwhp and can support more with a bigger stroker engine or forced induction later
  3. Alot of good info and ideas here, i appreciate it.

    I know that whatever i do will take me a while to save up for, i make decent money for a 20yr old but i have a 2012 civic that costs me over $700 a month between insurance and payment along with rent and all other survival goodies. Some minor setbacks, lol.
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  4. Just got an offer on a 74 351w block with crank, rods, and pistons. Needs rebuild but hes asking only $150.

    Do you think this block is going to hold up? Like i said before i would like to make 500hp easy and a few of the guys i talked to said this block should be fine for that. I highly doubt i am going to use the stock internals anyway, i might get a stroker kit for a 393 or 408 or something.
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    Go with a 408 build. That block is good to around 7-800hp if it checks out at the machine shop(ie not cracked or any other structural issues) go with a link bar roller lifter cam setup,some good alum heads,proper induction/exhaust and you'll make 5-600hp