Build List To Get Around 300hp

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  1. Im looking for a build list for an n/a 2003 mustang v6. Im hoping I can find one that would put me around 280- 300hp. Im assuming I would have to do a cam, headers, intake manifold, injectors, fuel pump, and ect.. Im just looking to see if someone has done it before and if its possible. I also would like to know the parts you used to achieve this goal and where I can find them. I have a 3k budget but I can go a little over. Thanks!
  2. Supercharger would be the best way to get up near 300HP, but that will cost you more than $3K for the kit, supporting mods and the tune.

    N/A you'd probably have to start with a 4.2L engine, heads with some port work, a camshaft, full exhaust, tune, etc etc. Again, not cheap unless you have a good source of parts at dirt cheap pricing.

    Don't take this the wrong way, but for LESS than $3K you can probably swap in a V8 engine and hit that number more easily.
  3. Check out titan engines. For 3k + shipping & core they will get you close to 300hp by bore & stroke the 3.8 to a 4.3 . This is what they told me. So take a look an see what you think.
  4. Not going to happen N/A.

    Just spray it and be done with it....
  5. Super six motor sports bud get ya right around that in your budget without the installation though
  6. That's aiming pretty high, but you can get pretty close:
    rebuilt 4.2 long block ....$1745
    Pypes true dual exhaust $636
    Diablo Flash Tuner ........$600
    Cold air intake set ..........$50

    Total: $3031

    Of course there will be all the ancillary things like gaskets and hoses you will also need that I didn't include and you'll have to do all the work yourself.

    This should be good for approx 270 hp NA