Engine Build On A Budget?

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  1. True enough "fun" is all realtive. But I'm thinking this fella is wanting something to slap on and go and not be the slowest ride on the road or at the track, you know be able to hang w a turbo neon and the likes.... (I always find it sad and it kinda angers me that ford put us so far behind the curve) So I'm thinking realistically and the cheapest way to achieve this would be to get some sort of alum heads. Skip the bolt on crap for now and go right for the throat. All those pesky boltons may keep the hobby alive but will nickel n dime you to death for little gains. Ps: boat anchor because it'd sit in his garage until he had enough money for a rebuild. This isn't a shot at you just a question, would you really buy a short block and put the stock topend back on and not the other way around if you could afford only one half? Well lemme retract, say it wasnt burning oil or anything.
  2. Pss: he hasn't replied in awhile, maybe we're just talking to each other now
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  3. Yea, I agree with what your saying. Heads would make the most sense, just because everything has to come off anyway to install. As they are the biggest choking point also. Ha-ha nickel an d dime, should be Grant and Franklin you to death :eek:. No, I would build it the right way once and call it a day, or month ha. Of course if money was tight and it was my DD, as mine currently is. I could see at least a little reason throwing the stock stuff on just to keep the car moving... of course I love buying a ton of gaskets o_O. Yes, top end kit first would make sense for sure.
  4. Ha yeah gaskets man..... What a pain they are. Say you blow a head gasket, that lil piece of crap part is now costing you mo money and mo probs. I think I'm in that boat currently I haven't had time to check it out and frankly I'm kinda scared to
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  5. I heard that. My favorite is the thermostat housing gasket!
  6. Dude, I'm on my 3rd one.... That beach is still dripping
  7. Jesus! I had a Eddy RPM Air Gap. I swear I couldn't get that thing to not leak. I tried several times with it on the motor, then tried with it off motor. After what seemed to be a million gaskets I just went out and got a blower :burnout:
  8. Ha!
  9. Update. Got er to seal!
  10. :nice:
    Any special technique?
  11. Just luck I think..
  12. Ah the hardest technique of all to master.
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  13. Ha. Yeah not too often that I stumble on any
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