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Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by gearhead351, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. hi guys im new here but want some advice
    iv been wanting a 65/66 fb for a while now and will soon be in a position to buy one

    i filled the page trying to explain my situation/question then deleted it all
    basicly bottom line

    whats best to do. buy a 6-8k project car and go through it making it just what you want buying everything you need
    or buy one close to what you want for more?
    how much would it cost doing all the work yourself starting with a average rolling shell?
    my perfect car would basicly be
    non metalic paint straight rust free body manual 351w glass rear side windows mustang 2 clip torque thrusts or minilites 66 dash
    black interior basic roll bar uprated suspension basicly a road going track car just as happy on the twists as on the strip
  2. this question depends on lot on your ability to do the work. If you are able to do the work, then you would probably break even vs. buying one done. If you are paying some one, then you are better off buying one completed.
  3. sorry guys i meant to post this in the general chat.

    im quite capable of doing it all the thing is will it cost the same as just simply buying one?:shrug:

    we have all under estimated time/costs and had cars off the road for years:notnice:
  4. Buy it like you want it.

    It`ll save you alot in the long run. I got a 65fb and I could have bought a better car for less, but then I would have missed out on the fun of building it, which for me, was the best part anyway.
  5. hi 65
    you meen buying built will save me in the long run? i love the idea of going to my pile of new bits or catalogue and ordering up what i need what i dont like is running out of enthusiasm because some boring job went wrong or took too long
    but im worried if i buy done it could be done bad etc etc
    so iv done all sorts of calculations etc to try to see whats best

    so would say 8.5k spent on parts and upgrades turn a solid rolling v8 shell into a nice daily driver?

    if your finished car was taken away tommorow. would you buy one close to what you lost for 20k or buy a unrestored solid car for 5k and build it all again?

    and if you did build it again how long would you expect it to take working a few hours on evenings and most weekends
  6. buying built is WAY cheaper than building yourself. Case in point: I have a 67 Mustang coupe that I need to sell (moving overseas & having baby at same time), BUT, I will lose my butt (still trying to figure out a way so I don't COMPLETELY lose my investment)'s how it would work: after putting $2000 in media blasting, floorpans, qtr panel, battery tray, etc; then put on brand new suspension and brakes. Theres about another $2500. Need to rebuild/paint your differential? There's about $1000. Then, you have to paintthe car. $4000 (if you want it done right, it is not gonna be cheap, and if youre in it this far, you best not go cheap.). Wiring. Harnesses anywhere from $200, to $900 (OEM stuff). Then the interior. No idea there, say around $700. See what I mean? If you buy it already done, YOU are coming out ahead, not the seller. None of this accounts for your time, all those trips to the hardware store for drill bits, grinding discs, painting supplies, FUEL...etc etc. Hope I shed some light.
  7. The building is the fun part though.

    What you gonna do, show your buddies what you bought?......

    Or what you built?........

    These cars are amazingly easy to work on, dont be scared. If you get stuck on something post in the tech section, they`ll get you out of problems 99% of the time. I built mine and honestly never did any more then change my own oil, and maybe a brake job or 2, but I couldn`t and wouldn`t have done it without stangnet, these guys are the greatest.
  8. If and when I would finish it, and if it would be "taken away" as you put it. I would no doubt just by one complete. (I would have this time if it weren't for sentamental reasons. Was my first car and had it when my wife and I first dated in high School.) At this point I know I have way more money in it than I will ever get out. Just don't want the little lady finding that out, but she may if I need to sell because of the little one on the way.
  9. Sorry, I'm all for building it yourself. I have about $21K in mine, including the price of the car and from what I've seen for sale, I don't think I'd have any problem at all getting $30K+ out of it. Besides, it has what I want, not what the last guy wanted and I know it's some rust bucket loaded with Bondo for a quick sale. Other than dollar value, there is absolutely nothing that compares to beating pro-built cars at car shows with something you built yourself.
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