Build pics, TFS headed 2v turbo car

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  1. Muffler came in, exhaust is finished, last few pics, then time to trailer it out!





  2. Wow, that certainly isn't a complicated exhaust system! Can't wait to hear a video of it!
  3. eh, its really not too bad, only part thats a PITA is bolting up the gates with how i mounted it, but thats really the only thing about this car thats hard to get to. headers can be put in and out in 15 min, unlike my long tubes i use to have. and the exhaust is in sections so i can drop each part down when needed.

    i am very pleased with how it turned out, looks wise and easy to work on (for a turbo kit)
  4. I 'd love to check that thing out sometime. I've been to Waterford quite a few times.
  5. ya for sure, hopefully it will be out soon, im trying to find a good tuner
  6. Looks pretty damn sweet man, get that vid up asap!
  7. dude...i just noticed your in waterford!! i would love to check that beast out. and as far as tuners go around here there is only one choice. Lidio at Alternative Auto. He is one smart cookie when it comes to tuning the modular motor. seriously consider him....he wont dissapoint.
  8. I might go with lid, I hat stenod and the boys tune it last year and I trusted them and was very happy. But I don't think they can get to it this year. I was thinking lid, php, or kurgan, but kurgan is a trip for me
  9. :nice::nice::nice:

  10. we are booked til june 28th.. so, if you want us to do it, call and make an appt..

    thanks bob
  11. well, it got tuned, got some vids, but bad news, the motor got hurt. im not sure yet exactly what happened, the motor will be out this weekend..

    the car did make 628/648 was 14.5lbs and the 680 was 19lbs only pulling to 4500rpm, pump gas, 19* of timing, good a/f across the board...
    the car started fine, no smoke, made 16 pulls, had a few issues on the dyno and then my friends drove it home and it was still fine, i go for a spin in it and it starts missing, then i pull plugs and one is closed shut and black, i then put new plugs in it and it starts smoking blueish smoke bad (oil) i then pull those plugs and they have oil on them and i do a compression check and i have down cylinders.

    i saw a good amount of oil in the ic piping, on the plugs, and in one of the exhaust ports..



  12. Was the last pic on your first post on the first page at woodward ave next to potbellys or some restaurant?
  13. that sucks man, but at that power lever (which, btw, is amazing for the parts you have) **** is bound to break sooner rather than later. If I were you Id fix the problem (after you find it) then leave it at 6-8 psi, which Im sure is still very high HP for a street car. good luck
  14. here are the pics, every piston is damaged in the same valve relief locations, 2 of them are cracked. I have a feeling its a faulty design, every valve relief has very little material, and all are broke the same. But i still am not sure on the cause. I also see no valve contact marks.




    This is fuel, but i am not sure if this was from me or not when i took the fuel rails off if i dumped fuel down the plug hole disassembling the motor, i dont think i dumped that much fuel, so its got me a bit nervous..

  15. clayed one piston and threw a head on and 1 chain, everything seemed to clear, no marks and we put enough clay to come up past the valve reliefs. I didnt use a checker spring but this gives me an idea, i have tons of clearance .I dont know why they put such deep reliefs in the pistons. also took everything apart, bearings look fine, crank and rods look fine. So it looks like a new set of pistons, rings, head gaskets, machine work and ill proly throw new bearings in it

    Question about these TFS heads, wouldnt the valves in the head have more clearance than stock 2v heads? this is what i herd, because they took out angle?
  16. Anyways, the piston mfg got the pistons this past friday and called me saying its all signs of detonation to them, gave me a run down of this and that and why. But myself, my engine builder and a few others dont agree with that. Breaking a couple pistons, maybe, but all of them breaking? ive never seen a motor detonate and break all 8 lol. Plus there is no normal sign of detonation on these pistons. Just a poor designed piston. Thy said they could 'help me out' with a new set for 350, proly not including rings. So im thinking about going with diamond this time around.

    Just seems odd if they dont think its a design failure why they would offer to help me out. I dont know when ill have the slug back on the road, hopefully a few months with money permitting.

    If there was any detonation, which i dont think there was it was proly from the car ingesting sooo much oil after the pistons broke changing the octane of the fuel, again no ones fault but the faulty pistons.

    these are the only other pics i have. Plugs didnt have any detonation on them or timing marks.




  17. Holy crap that sucks. Hope you get it all back together soon.
  18. Something isn't right, it has to be design. A motor doesn't usually break all 8 pistons in the same spot :shrug:
  19. Wow, that sucks man. I'd be PO'd for sure. Too bad the piston company won't back their product up. I've heard good things about Diamond pistons though
  20. Its been a while, but its slowly getting there again, been working ALOT, was sick for a week, went to Mustang week in SC, waiting on machine work now, finally got the new pistons in. Also ordered new gaskets and a new catch can set up

    New slugs from diamond


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