Build pics, TFS headed 2v turbo car

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  1. Sick setup, and very nice fab work. How do you like those TrickFlow heads? I'm considering getting a pair for my build. Do you think it's worth it to get them unported, or should I spend the extra dough and get them ported "while I'm in there"? What cams did you pair with those heads?

  2. I think they are very nice pieces, im sure they helped get to that power number. mine are unported, porting cant hurt. i just was going from a stock pi head to these, that in itself was an upgrade. i got them with trick flows upgraded 125lb springs. the added spark plug threads are also great

    I re used my blower comp 270 cams.
  3. nice looking stang! :nice:
  4. Thanks for responding. I'm probably going to get a set myself :)
  5. those cams are killing your low end spool, get a set of turbo cams or even put the stockers back in. Check out ModularHeadShop he has a cam trade in offer.
  6. Thats a badass build you got going on! Even so i think i prefer my simple little sq trim to all that custom/complicated fab work, seems like turbo cars always have problems...Good luck though man that is going to be one badass motor!
  7. Eh, they were from my old motor, they get the job done and i dont feel like buying cams rite now.

    The car spools just fine. i couldnt hit the gears quick enough. its a billet wheel, with a smaller hotside.
  8. Ya, i got tired of belt slip issues and wanted more power. and to be honest i dont think its much harder to work on than my vortech setup.

    The car made 120hp/170tq more on less boost and on pump gas vs race gas, shows how much more efficient the setup is over the vortech i had. The pistons would have broke if it was a vortech, turbo or a n/a car, so i dont see it as turbo = problems.
  9. wow, thats a HELLA LOT of timing for a 2v with TFS heads.. WOW
  10. how do u figure
  11. I agree. It seems to me that even with Trickflow heads, that's way too much timing. Those pistons do seem to be defective (due to the fact that they all broke exactly the same way), but I bet detonation is what actually killed them. If it were my car, I would have been running more like 12 or 13 degrees of timing, not 19.
  12. You can do 19 with ethanol though. Honestly to the op. I would sue the company in small claims court. If what you say is true that you done see any physical damage on the piston about what there saying then fight it. You'll probably win since all the pistons broke the same way at the same time. That just sounds defective. Worst case scenario. You loose the case. Best case, you get your money back. You could also take the piston's to mechanics and get some written paperwork to help your case.

    Good luck either way. That car is bad ass!
  13. yeah, thats some timing. I running 13 degrees w/ 93 in it.
  14. after more thought and seeing they take my exacy cam in on a trade I ended up talking to them over the last couple days, i think im gonna trade mine in for a set of their 2v TFS stage 2.5 turbo cams
  15. That's the same shop I'm considering for heads & cams. I wish they published flow numbers for their ported Trickflow heads. I know flow numbers aren't everything, but it would be better than nothing.
  16. awsome mannn whats the peanut butter for?lol
  17. T56 is sold, comp 270s are sold, time to build a 4r70 and order up some turbo cams.
  18. Bored and found some videos of the car earlier this year on the dyno before it broke lol. these are the first runs the car saw. I know a few of you were asking for some video.

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    some idle video

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  19. New Modular head shop TFS cams showed up, along with me getting the heads back from being looked over and cleaned. All these parts, i need to get working. Still need a trans tho