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    Build your own Shelby GT - Features

    BY MICHAEL AUSTIN, June 2007

    Ford would have you believe the Shelby GT is more than a dressed-up Mustang. For one thing, it’s exclusive. Production is capped at about 6000 copies a year. And the Shelby name carries a lot of weight with Mustang enthusiasts. But if you want all the performance of the Shelby GT and don’t need the stripes, various scoops, or Shelby name, you can save a lot of cash. All the upgrades on the Shelby GT are available from Ford Racing Performance Parts, and the parts come to $2656. Shipping and installation will cost extra, but it’s still far cheaper than the Shelby GT. Unlike the Shelby, the do-it-yourself approach will void at least part of the factory warranty on a new Mustang GT, but it’s a decent upgrade for a used car in need of some tweaks. Plus, you don’t have to drive around with that silly fake hood scoop, which some might consider a bonus.

    Comparo Test Click Here

    Gets even better, the Super Snake just out die the 500 KR BEFORE THE 1ST WAS SOLD! LOL

    New stang! source

    I like this quote "It seems silly to one-up your own product, especially one called the “King,” before a single order has been filled. But hey, we’re no marketing geniuses, and as long as there are 600-hp cars being built, we’ll be happy to drive them."

    Would be nice if people's fanboyism didn't get in the way of a real debate on these so called special stangs. It's lame what Ford and Shelby are doing.
  2. I read the article in Car and Driver and plan on building my own. No, not a Shelby. I'm planning on purchasing a Mustang GT (manual, spoiler delete and no scoop or stripes) with a budget of $3,000 to mod with. Right now, I am thinking about:

    1. Full Bassani SS Exhaust ~$1,200
    2. Saleen Suspension Kit ~$800
    3. Bamachips C&L intake with X2 ~$700
    4. (Any money left- MGW Shifter ~$300)

    Not a Shelby, but possibly better for a lot less :D .
  3. My dealer wants $45,000 for the Shelby GT he just got. I like the car but not that much. Seems like you've got a plan.
  4. Well, unfortunately for me, I've had about 6 years to work on my plan. My original plan was to go for a special edition mustang. I was going to wait for the Bullitt, but if trends continue the way they have been going, I just plain can't afford one. By the time a dealer sells it, sticker price is your best case scenario.

    The good news is that great deals on Mustang GTs will be had over the next several months. I'm looking forward to the day that I post pics of my new ride.:nice:
  5. I believe you will likely be correct. Higher gas prices, 2008 models coming out, over supply, etc. will probably result in some good deals for 2007 GTs.

  6. Yeah, Car & Driver ripped the Shelby apart.. I love the logic of pricing all of the parts so you can build your own.. :rolleyes: It's also another way to bury Ford even deeper in the ground..

    $1000 of the shelby package is a gas guzzler tax

    What they need to add to their $2700 is the shipping and labor, pus the extra parts:
    *shipping to get all of the parts
    *the black spoked rims- have to paint those yourself..
    *the California special bumpers
    *the CS side scoops
    *the stripes, plus the installation
    *spare tire delete, in exchange for SVT inflator
    *installation for all of the parts- springs, sway bars, strut brace, intake, computer recalibration, emblems, shifter, mufflers, x-pipe, 3:55 gears, hood pins, billet grill..

    Also, over on the Shelby forums, if any of the owners have problems, SAI does their best to fix them. Owners have had issues with hood pins, etc.. Shelby sends new parts.. etc..

    Anyway, not looking at the cost of each part, I believe my car was worth every penny..
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    The only thing that upsets me is having to use premium fuel..:nonono:

    Otherwise, I cannot put a value on all of the happiness this car brings me. :D
  7. Good response from a Shelby GT owner:nice: . The fact is that I really liked this car and was considering getting one until the price was released. Many of the car magazines underestimated the final price. I think things like shipping, painting, and even installation costs were overlooked. However, $40k is steep for the average Mustang buyer. Heck, I'm waiting for the best incentives on a regular GT. I'm definitely set on getting a 2007. Ford has lots of issues to fix and I made a conscious decision to try to buy domestic this go around:flag: .

    The Shelby GT commands a premium price due to the limited edition and the fact each car is modified at Shelby's Las Vegas shop. Now, if Ford put the package together inhouse, the price would definitely come down (No Shipping, no Shelby shop hands on). The car is much more than just stripes and hood pins. It's a well done, balanced package with upgraded looks and performance.

    I agree that buying this car as an investment is silly, but there will always be an interest in Shelby's products. The man is not getting any younger. It will be cool to own something he was a part of.
  8. I believe Shelbys will continue long after Shelby is gone. And I seriously doubt Shelby had anything personally to do with building the cars.
    Don't get me wrong, I like the cars and would love to have one. The price for what it is is just too high.
    Let's also not forget that there is a $2,000 upfitter charge from the factory. That includes the California Special fascia, side scoops, etc. So you have to add that also to the price of the Shelby package.
    Premium gas would also, in my opinion, be a problem since gasoline prices have gone out of sight.
    I liked the first photos of the black cars with the silver wheels better. The silver wheels and stripes together looked awesome. My dealer told me he ordered a white car instead of black because of the black wheels. I also think the car needs a spoiler of some kind and some interior upgrades. Some Shelby touches there would be nice.
    Again, I love the car, but I believe it is overpriced and greedy dealers make the problem even worse.
  9. Hey if Fords your brand and you'll pay anything, then go for it, but in the world of 40k cars, the new CTS is spectacular and will probably beat the Stang. The Pontiac G8 will probably beat it, and it's 4 doors of fun! The Challenger, and Camaro will probably be using the LS2 or LS3 with and IRS for 40k! For about 10 grand more, you roll home with a brand spanking new C6!

    I love Ford, love my stang, loved my 5.0, loved my brothers 3 saleens, loved my moms 69 and 91 5.0, my brothers 89 gt, my brothers 95 gt etc, but Shelby is crap, that hood scoop should be taken out back and shot.

    any how, good debate but here is what 40k could buy you:

    click here

    ps. The shelby lost to a 350z on a road course, that's not what I call a great 40k car imho.

    also for got to mention from the other thread, yes I see them all over down here in lauderdale, these two counties have more exotics in them, then people realize. More lambos and ferraris are sold here than any where else in the US, even more than LA. So you see cars down here such as enzos and Veyrons all the time. I see Storch's Veyron at the clubs all the time in south beach.
  10. Hmmm, you're a Chevy guy.. I'm shocked! :nonono:

    Umm... the buy-it-now is $44,000, and it is USED!!!! :nice: Try and get a 4.99 loan like I did on the Shelby.. Have I not already told you why I wouldn't own a Vette? :nonono:

    Well then the Shelby's are pretty cool! If they fit in with those types of cars..

    Do you see a lot of "4 doors of fun" pontiacs!???? :shrug:

  11. :rlaugh: :SNSign:

    * GM SUCKS *
  12. Interest rate has everything to do with the underwriting requirements and your personal FICO. Moot point.

    Good Point.


    Carry on Gentlemen.
  13. Challenger = Dodge = Diamler Chrysler
  14. Never owned a Chevy in my life, only owned 4 cars, all fords. Ford drove the rest of my family to GM, we only drive American cars, all of us.

    The new Pontiac G8 is hot, and with 320 hp and probably a similar ptwr as the stang, should be interesting. Slap some parts on it, and you got a winner.

    *I'll never sell my stang, my old 5.0 blew up, thats the only reason I got rid of it. I'm a die hard fan, but I expect more for 40k and from ford.
  15. OMG that car is FUGLY!!!!! Perhaps you are biased towards this car due to its wheels...they have "V" spokes on them:rlaugh: To me it is nothing more than a Caddy with an ugly Pontiac nose! The last decent looking car they have made was the last generation Firebird! And the GTO looks nothing more than a Cavalier on steroids!!!!! Who cares about performance...they are FUGLY to look at!!!!! A Mustang be it factory GT, Shelby Roush, Saleen or Steeda stands out in a crowd ANYWHERE!!!!! There is NO mistaking it for any other car on the road! That to me is worth paying a little more for(more than another car brand..NOT MSRP)!
  16. I agree the Stang stands out in a crowd, but the G8 is a Holden not a Caddy and it's been very well received by mags and the public, it's going to do very well sales wise.
  17. My buddy just finished a crate 5.4L supercharged Shelby engine swap with automatic into a katrina flooded 05' V6'.He's a tuner so he did a tunepulley and intake it put out 490RWHP and just ran a 10.90 at Famoso.I got a ride yesterday and its absolutley unsafe.The tires spin so bad it fishtales as long as your on the gas.I love it
  18. V. Barbarino started off with an okay point. There was an article in Car & Driver that said you could build your own Shelby for a lot less money. 1965coupe made a good counter arguement that C&D did not account for shipping costs to Shelby, and installation that keeps all waranty intact. Plus, you could clone a Shelby GT, but it will still be a clone. A Shelby GT is a real deal Shelby.

    We've gotten a little off topic with Ford v. GM nonsense. That being said, if you want a Vette, or a GTO, or a G8, I am sure there are other forums where you can discuss those cars. It is a given that you have options to buy other cars with a budget of $40,000.
  19. Lets say you have a point about the warranty:

    10 grand over stock gt price
    minus what C&D says you could build it for, call it 3 grand

    You'd have 7k left over, and unless your engine blows and you could prove your mods blew the motor, you have 7k to spend on things not covered by the warranty since you voided it.

    Over 3 years 36k miles, 7k on warranty issues are very unlikly, unless you got a lemon, which could happen, but if that were the case, you'd just take off the parts like everyone else does then get your ride fixed..

    There is no spinning this, the Shelby way over priced.

    Doesn't make sense.
  20. That's the first Shelby GT I've seen pics of - NICE!!!:nice:

    The only thing which doesn't make sense is the premise of this thread - "You can build a Shelby GT-knockoff for WAY less than you can buy you don't include all the parts...and don't have what parts you do buy, shipped...erm...nor installed...".

    All Car and Driver's column, and this thread, are talking about is a modded Mustang - actually, not even that, but rather the parts to buy in order to mod a Mustang. Hate to break it to ya, but most folks in here are fairly well aquainted with the concept of "modding", and are also going to be aware of the fact that modding a base GT is going to cost you less than buying a "SE" off the showroom floor (even when you add the inconvenient things which you/Car and Driver ignore, like the appearance mods - have to include them if you're going for a flat like-for-like comparo, shipping and installation).

    Car and Driver make a valid point, in that they let the reader know that they can have Shelby GT-like performance for a lot less than the price of a Shelby GT (you can mod a Mustang? STOP THE PRESS!). The giant leap which you make, to say that you can build your own, for the pricelist (perf parts only) C&D publish is plain ludicrous. Your 350Z, et al, comparisons hold more weight than your faux-Shelby GT (kinda - minus some parts, and those parts are lying in a warehouse, unshipped, uninstalled) v's genuine Shelby GT.

    Yes, the Shelby GT is marked up. But you aint building one for anything even remotely close to your "...say, $3K...".