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    The shelby package is $8300, minus $1000 for gas guzzler tax.
    If you are including the upfitters package for $2000 or so, remember that it is basically the California Special Package, minus the special leather. For the $2000, you get the rims, bumpers, scoops.. etc..

    I don't even factor the upfitters package into the overall price of the car.
    Get your facts straight before showing your ignorance..

    If you take away the gas guzzler tax, the package is $7300. Then, if you take away the $2700 that C&D claims as the price of the parts, you're left with $4600..

    Okay, $4600...
    What does an aftermarket warranty cost? A couple thousand..
    Stripes? $500-$1000
    Shifter install? Couple hundred
    Computer recalibration and intake install? few hundred
    Spring install, etc.. at least $1000

    Quit showing your jealousy..
  2. Base price of GT $26,440
    Price as tested by C&D $38,970


    I fail to see your math.

    Sure you probably can get a cheaper Shelby, as you can get a cheaper GT by a thousand or so. However you pay way more in taxes for Shelby, which you have to add in as well.

    Quit showing your lack of math and reading

    ps. how you subtract out the GG tax is beyond me, you have to pay it to own the car thus it's part of the cost of the car since Ford passes it to you.
  3. I'm glad you have a Shelby GT, but many people who work hard for their money can spend it on a better all around performer than the face lifted Shelby GT when you factor in these crazy dealer markups.

    At my dealer the GT500 is stickered for 60K, the Shelby GT for 52K. It's not worth the money
  4. Let's try it this way (true faux-Shelby v's Real Deal), some rough figures -

    Call it $3K for the performance parts, bought and shipped.

    $1000-1500 for install of all the perf parts (based off this list - springs, sway bars, strut brace, intake, shifter, mufflers, x-pipe, 3:55 gears).

    Stripes, $700, bought, shipped, installed.

    Wheels - $200 (call it the cost to upgrade, from stock)

    Appearance mods, shipped, prep/paint, install - $1800

    Call it $6800. Now, these numbers my be off by a bit, but they aren't outta-here off - most of what's listed, I've done to my own car, so I think $6800 isn't too unrealistic. Now, as for the GG tax, I do not recall paying that on my car, but I DID NOT include it - add it or subtract it to suit. Add factory warranty. Now, without even adding the "Shelby Factor" (worth something to some, nothing to others), it's clear that the like-for-like leaves a little less change in the pocket than $7000.

    I'm not sure about the $26,440 base price - does the Shelby have any interior upgrades? If so, the stock GT would have to be priced with similar upgrades (leather, IUP, etc).

    At the end of the day, it's looking like a clone would cost you about $36K, with the real thing at $39K ($38K and change). Yes, the modded GT (by my very rough numbers) adds up to about $31K ($27K for the car, $3K parts/shipped, call it $1000 installation of perf parts), but that car cannot be held up and compared to the Shelby GT - it's merely a mildly modded Mustang.

    For the prestige of the real thing, and the warranty, the $3K(ish) premium isn't so outrageous. It's still a fair bit of cash, but to pretend that the Shelby GT is a $10K-$12K marked up GT is a patent falsehood.
  5. Now THAT is taking the freakin p!ss! I agree - at $52K, the term "Shelby GT" would need to have the suffix "500"!
  6. There has to be a distinction between the performance of the Shelby and the looks of the Shelby.

    We have $12,530 to work with, not my numbers but directly from the article.


    If you get the Ford racing parts install at the dealer they will keep your warranty, in fact Ford send me a brochure stating this yesterday! Just not the SC.

    -install (no shipping Ford pays it)
    Make a number up, 1 grand

    So, these cars are 40k cars with over 8500 dollars worth of body panels on them! You paid almost 9 grand for looks, my god that is insane.

    Hi honey, bought a Shelby
    Wife - whats so great about it?
    9 grand worth of body panels

  7. Celtic, you can argue with him till your blue in the face and he isn't going to change his mind. The only reason he started this thread is because he belittled me in my thread on selling my Mach and ordering a Shelby GT, and people disagreed with him. I'm not debating the issue with him anymore. He doesn't understand the market on why certain cars retain a higher % of resale than others.

    My dealer got an extra allocation they weren't expecting. My wife's family works for Ford so i qualify for A-plan. Since Ford won't let dealers A-plan any Shelbys they really worked me a decent deal. They asked me not to disclose the selling price and i will honor that. I will say your figures for your clone are so close to what i paid it's scary.

    In answer to one of your questions, all Shelby GT's are premium package cars, iup is an option which i ordered.
  8. Wife - Really?

    You - Yep. Well, that's what I'd PLANNED on, but I got the install work done at the local $100-per-hour Ford dealership, so it cost me $2000 to get the parts on. Cool, though, huh?

    Wife - so, $8K in panels?

    You - Yep!


    You - Ok, $7530 in panels, but who's counting - round up to the nearest G, right?


    You - Oh, it's got leather, etc, so another G. So, $6350 in panels, but what's a G amoung friends. LOL (I like to LOL).

    Wife - wow, sounds like a lot for 'panels'

    You - ok, and a warranty. It's got a warranty too. Whatever - I'm rounding the value of that to $0!!!

    Wife - ????!???

    You - Ok, ok! It has an element (not much, if you ask me, and my opinion controls market/resale-value!) of prestige, cos it's a bona-fide Shelby. BUT THAT'S IT!!! It's $10,000 (I'm a fan favorable rounding) worth of body panels, and a muffler upgrade.

    Wife - Honey, it's cos of this kind of blinkered, opinionated BS that I'm sleeping with your boss. The kids are his. Don't let the door hit you on the a$$ on the way out. I want half of everything in the divorce - I'll take the panels off that new Shelby, since they seem to represent the majority of its worth!

    Lol. Lol.
  9. Cool, $27,620 Base for a Premium GT. We'd need to use the Premium, for a fair like-for-like comparison.

    Which is another $1200 we need to factor in, V Barb's Fairy of Judicious Rounding, not withstanding.
  10. My wifes 06 GT stickered at $29,665.00 (although i did get A-plan)

    Premium package


    active anti-theft

    18" polished bullits

    wheel lock kit

    5 spd auto transmission

    To make a comparison you have to option the the base GT the same way, less the Shelby package.

    As a side note, from what i've heard about 20% of Shelby GT's are being ordered with the auto transmission at this time.
  11. Ok then, 7200 in body panels. lol...

    My fully loaded GT except the shaker 1000 was 26 and change. 5 speed, red leather , 18 polished rims etc.
  12. That's $6K in panels...warranty...prestige. Not such a huge hike, now, is it - split that $6K between the 3 (use any reasonable ratio) and the overpricing isn't so bad.

    The facts speak for themselves - you're just wrong, plain and simple. Yep, there's a markup in there, but it's in the low to mid thousands, not your over-simplified, idiotic $10K.

    Don't worry, being wrong will only hurt your pride, then it'll pass. Your credibility, however, is shot to heck.
  13. You know I wonder how much prestige and resale value the Shelby owners got out this gem of a car:


    Ironically, it sold for just over 12k.

    As for me being wrong, then C&D is wrong, the as tested price comes to 12k between the two. Please show me where I'm wrong. In the words of Joe Peci, I'd looooooooooooooove to hear this!
  14. so you got a deal on your GT. fully loaded does not sticker at $26k and some change. more like $30k. factor all those "fully loaded" options into your equation. why are you so set on discrediting the shelby GT? if you dont want one, dont buy one. plain and simple!

    we are beating a dead horse here. :dead:
  15. So what is you standpoint on the others such as Roush, Steeda and Saleen????? They should be no different! The base Saleen Stang lists at $43,711! The base Steeda lists at $8,995 + GT price! The base Roush's I saw at the time I bought mine last fall were about $39K! To me ALL of them seem worthy of the MSRPs! You have to keep in mind that they are building these cars, have workers to pay, R&D costs and profit all factored in...
  16. My brother drives a Saleen Explorer XP8 SC signed by Steve Saleen himself. Stickered for 52, bought it 1 year used for 23k.... Great truck, but not for 52! Same goes for the Shelby, buy a used one, you'll get a sweet heart deal on them. Just wait till the CTS, G8 Cam, Chall all drop, it's lights out for the Shelby.
  17. Just stop for the love of god.:bang:

    Don't you realize where you are? (HINT) :SNSign:

    Are you lost?
  18. Re-read the article, and you'll see that their reference to a "$26,440" Mustang merely related to the fact that the fun experienced in Shelby GT is the same fun you can have in a baseline Mustang GT (cos, you get the same 4.6). So, C&D aren't wrong - you just either cannot read, or are deliberately choosing to twist their words.

    But hey, keep up the posts - you're more ably demonstrating ever more layers of ignorance with each keystroke than I would have imagined possible. I mean, we all make mistakes, but your vitriolic diatribe is nothing short of a Compendium of Stupid.

    You, my friend, need your very own c/t. I propose "Dee-dee-dee!".
  19. Well, here are my 2 cents on the Shelbys. People who can afford a Shelby buy it for performance and the name. Yes, the dealer markup are outragious and have the potential to drive customers away, but it does not take away from the fact that the Shelby name is legendary and worth alot of money. If I had the money, I would have a Shelby Mustang. I have lived in South Florida and I will tell anybody from my own experience A Shelby Mustang of ANY model year will get more stares and admiration.....let me correct that, OPEN admiration than any exotic car that comes to America. Hell, a S197 Mustang of any displacement gets more complements then a Corvette or Viper or Evo or etc...........

    My only two issues with the new Shelby Mustangs? Weight and n/a horsepower and torque. Yes the new Shelbys are heavier than the regular S197 Mustangs and the 5.4 liter engine can put out 500 hp without a s/c. So, whats the point? Even with those two issues, I would still buy a Shelby Mustang- if I could afford it.
  20. quick - edit your post. The fight is about the Shelby GT, not the GT500.

    I'll edit this post, once you're done, and no-one will be any the wiser:nice: