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  1. Woah boy.........:nono: Looks like someone doesn't realize that ALL of the Shelby packages cost $7390, plus gas-guzzler tax. That price is tacked onto the price of the GT coupe.. which range from $27000+

    As an example, my coupe alone, before the Shelby package was $31,640..

    Since you seem like the kind of person that learns from pictures, here you go:
    (and I will do this step-by-step, so you can take in all this info...)

    Here is the regular Ford Mustang GT window sticker from my car: View attachment 386224
    Okay, it has the upfitters package, which is basically the California Special Package (rims, scoops, bumpers), minus the fancy leather...

    Here is the FINAL MSRP of my car before going to Shelby:
    View attachment 386225

    Got that so far? :shrug: :rolleyes:

    ---------------------------------------- (this little line might help you realize I am moving on to something else).........

    Here is the SHELBY window sticker that is affixed to the windshield, IN ADDITION TO THE FORD STICKER!!!!!!!!!
    View attachment 386226
    View attachment 386227
    View attachment 386228

    And here is the final Shelby package price:
    View attachment 386229

    Does the window sticker put things into perspective? Do you see all that you actually get for $7390???

    Couple of other points:
    • The Shelby package window stickers are the same for every Shelby. The price is $7390...
      • I'm not going to factor in the gas-guzzler tax. It is not going to Shelby, it goes to the govt.

    So, with all of this info in mind, you need to realize that the SHELBY PACKAGE is $7390. The only reason why a Shelby GT could cost $40000 is because of the options on the coupe.

    Mine, for example, has $1000 worth of stereo.. Is it worth it? YES.. Mainly because I don't want the punks at Circuit City touching my car.. And, the Shaker 1000 is awesome.. It's also covered by warranty.
  2. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

    Because of my math and reading skills, or lack thereof, I had a heck of a time getting you this info from the EPA's website. Also, because I can't do basic math, I couldn't figure out the formula as to why I paid $1000 in GG tax..

    (oh, hey, by using the formula with the SHELBY fuel economy ratings, the average MPG (55% city, 45% hwy) comes in at 21.7957...

    According to this info, everything seems to be accurate..

    I am finished with school, for the summer.. Any thing else you would like me to analyze??? :D :D
  3. Bu-da-yum! VB, you got :owned: BIG TIME!
  4. You have to add in the the GT upfitters package. It is necessary for the Shelby. You won't get one without it.
  5. Wow, people get testy when they talk about their cars and who paid what. I had a lot of fun reading this thread and I had to jump in. 1965coupe - You've got a hot looking Shelby and you obviously are proud of it...good for you! I think it looks great and I wouldn't mind having one myself. But, if you are going to argue about the true cost of buying your Shelby vs building a "clone"you really have to include the Gas Guzzler Tax because you had to pay that to buy your was a cost that you paid where as someone building a clone would not have to pay. I have a 2007 GT/CS which stickered for $30,500 and change. So basically the true cost of a Shelby is the cost of a GT/CS (since the upfitters package comes with most of those CS components), the Shelby GT package and the Gas Guzzler Tax. As your example shows your GT cost 29500 + 2140 (GT upfitters package) + 7390 (Shelby GT package) + 1000 Gas Guzzle Tax for a grand total of 10, 530 above the cost your base GT. I think for someone to attempt to make an exact clone of your car it would cost them pretty close to that, unless they did not go with the GT/CS body panels. Either way they can get a nice looking and better performing GT at a somewhat less cost, but they would not have the real thing which is what you have. As someone else in this post said, that means a lot to some and nothing to others. I say, to each his own. You decided that's what you wanted, it makes you happy so enjoy the hell out of it. That's why I bought my GT/CS. I couldn't afford a Shelby but I did get a Mustang GT that was not like every other GT I see around here. Sure it cost me a little more, but I bought it for me...but I sure do get a lot of compliments from people about it. I even won first place at a car show with it. That's kind of embarrassing; buy a new car, take it to a show and win 1st place in it’s class! I only entered it as an afterthought because I was working on my 1966 Mustang at the time and it wasn’t ready to show. Anyway, enjoy you car but also don't discount that you had to pay that tax; it only makes it sound like you are trying to manipulate the numbers and only serves to weaken your case.
  6. click here
    already did the numbers a while ago and posted them on here..
  7. Let me get this str8, the extra tax and GG charge you won't add into the total price of the car??? What economics class did you take?

    You also can't seem to understand, from a 26k mustang there is ZERO performance gains for 12k more. Shelby ran a 13.7, last time I checked my car runs the same. So you paid for cosmetics, whether it be 8k or 12k, it still is crap.. You have 8 grand of weight added to your car, congrats!
  8. This is a Great thread! I’m laughing my ass off at the guy who bought the Shelby.

    I paid extra for my Cobra – but there was a direct correlation of dollars spent to horsepower. Barbarino did a great job when he compared this car to the Dodge Shelby. What a joke! I’d pay money to be there when Dude trades in his Shelby and gets Zero consideration that it’s a Shelby.
  9. I believe he's saying you have to pay the GG Tax, regardless of whether you get the Shelby, or the Base GT. Though I didn't have to pay, and I'm also in CA. So his economics are still sound - only the question as to whether the tax is applicable to all GT's or not stands. The extra sales tax, from $27K to $38K isn't going to represent much.

    "last time I checked my car"? Sounds like a "I read sumwhair" comment - I take it you've never run you car in the 1/4? So, still more fiction from the desk of VB - you have NO IDEA what your car would run.

    I do applaud your consistency, however - just as "Dur! Look at dis - fur $2600, you can create yur own Shelby GT..." proves that you have quite clearly NEVER modded a vehicle (cos you learn right quick that the cost of the parts v's having them finally on your car are two COMPLETELY different things), your magazine track-time quoting proves you've never run a GT in anger.

    The number is $7390 - you seriously need to work on your rounding. For the perf parts, appearance package, Shelby name.

    I'm LOVING how you're all of a sudden caning the performance mods, yet you were all over them to start with - I mean, they were SO GREAT at the start of this thread, so much so that you were willing to shell out over $2600, JUST TO HAVE THEM SIT ON A FLOOR SOMEWHERE.

    You've shown your hand, VB. You're obviously a kid, you've never owned a car, your e-jew-kay-shun is purely from mags and the interweb. You've over-extended yourself in here wee-man, and each new comment you post shaves another 20 points of your peer-perceived IQ. Dee-dee-dee!

    Blu-Steel - I can't speak for anyone else, but I aint getting testy cos a car's being knocked, I just felt the need to rebutt what are nothing more than Troll comments. This guy's a Troll, and is behooves us all to belittle and return him to the hole from whence he sprung before he oversteps the mark and invokes the wrath of the Ban Stick.
  10. looks like you are VBs buddy, since you are from Ft. Lauderdale as well.
  11. Yes I know Abe, bought his Cobra from the same dealership.. Whats up ABE?

    AS for the ass clown above, have I ever run my car? My 5.0 I beat the day lights out of at English Town. My brothers do work for Big Daddy in NJ, I'm not some kid. Never got a chance to hit up Morrosso, just too busy and it's almost an hour away.

    Base GT's don't have GG tax. You still don't get it, the car is almost 40k about 38k without taxes loaded.

    Imagine for a second the base GT you could buy was the Shelby for 38k, would you buy it? Hell no you wouldn't! Ford would sell 1/10000 of these cars at that price because it's crap for that money. Take the Shelby as a stand alone car then understand that body panels are not upgrades, lol..
  12. celticstanger - I understand. The Gas Guzzler Tax thing gets me though. A regular GT does not have that tax but the Shelby is rated as a gas guzzler so it is levied with the Gas Guzzler Tax. I just don't understand how 1965coupe can say that he will not include it in the calculation when it is a cost that he paid that buyers of regular GTs do not. I didn't pay one for my GT/CS.:shrug:
  13. Technically it's a cost Ford pays, which they just pass onto the buyer however in 08 as EPA numbers chang, Shelby owners would pay even higher GG tax if they buy it new. Probably looking at 2k next year at that point, Shelby is doomed.
  14. My V6 Mustang won't get in town what the Shelby is rated at in town. Should it also be subject to a gas guzzler tax?
  15. Do most of us a favor and crawl back to your hole VB and while you're at it...strip every single sticker, emblem and any other needless Ford product off your car and enjoy YOUR car...BUH BYE VB!!!!!:rlaugh:
  16. The reason behind the GG tax ! is because of their whimpy pro cal tool, which permits only the use of 91-93 octane fuel..That being said, this is just another of Ford's BS excuses to justify marking up the Shelby GT above MSRP as 91+ octane fuel, does not effect gas mileage in a negative manner..As a matter of fact, since upgrading to my Bamachip's 93 race tune, X-CAL II and Steeda/FRPP CAI ! my gas mileage has actually increased, unless of course my right foot happens to get a bit too heavy lol. but just out of curiosity ? did Ford also impose a GG tax on the 03-04 MACH 1, because of it's requirement for premium fuel as well..:rolleyes:
  17. Kooldawg6- No need to give the benefit of the doubt. You can go ahead and say do ALL of us the favor.:lol:
  18. I had a 2003 Mach 1. It used premium fuel and was not subject to a gas guzzler tax. It's also interesting that my daughter and I each went to a national Mustang show in Nashville, Tenn. She in her V-6 automatic Mustang and I in my manual Mach 1. (I wish I still had it.) I got slightly better gas mileage on the trip than she did.
    And that's the honest truth.
  19. Well you figure, if you drive the same as eachother, her V6 has to work a bit harder than your V8 does to move pretty much the same car and also the auto will sip a bit more gas due to more power consumption than the the mileage difference does not suprise me.
  20. Agreed. The gas guzzler tax for the Shelby GT, to me, is ridiculous. And that was sort of my point when a V6 won't get as good a gas mileage as a high performance V-8.