Build your own Shelby GT

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  1. What planet are you people on? The EPA doesn't care what kind of gas you use, but rather how MUCH gas you use. The EPA tells Ford they must pay X for every car sold, thus Ford sells you a car plus X.. Not rocket science here people. And for anyone who thinks a V6 gets worse millage than a Shelby or GT or Mach then you should get your head examined.

    08 GTs may be subject to a GG charge, it's hard to tell since I can't determine if the current GT EPA numbers are based on the old or new system. If they are on the old system, GT's will get slapped with one unless Ford can make it more efficient. The 08 Shelbys will get slapped hardcore with one.

    Right now a new 350z will get slapped next year with 1300 GG tax.
  2. if you actually spent some time reading threads on here, you would get stan's point. get a clue VB, all you do it is argue with every post. find something useful to do with yourself, or you will be shown the door. the point of stan's post is that in his experiences, his daughters V6 did not get as good of gas mileage as his mach1. his S197 V6 does not get as good mileage as most other GT members.

    if you cant reply with personal experiences, dont reply. it seems as if all your info comes from magazines and fairy tales.
  3. What planet are we from ??? well if your such the expert and authority on the subject..why is it that you haven't provided an answer, concerning the GG tax ? it's because you obviously have no clue, otherwise just as Bigcat mentioned, you would spend your energy and time contributing to this thread, instead of posting adolescent remarks towards other members of this forum..Therefore, if you have nothing constructive to contribute ? then don't bother posting anything at all..:Zip2:
  4. Even though I have a regular GT, I can relate to this quite well. :D

  5. Ok lets keep this somewhat nice
  6. I will be from here on out because there are no further comments to said member from me...
  7. Actually guys... I'm done..

    In the 8 years that I have been involved with Mustangs, I have never once met or come across anyone as ignorant, or just plain rude, as "V Barbarino."

    While Shelby Mustangs might be a little expensive for some people, he has shown his extreme ignorance for who Shelby is, and how much of a following his name has, and always will have..

    I've dealt with jealousy with my '65.. I've had the car sine I was 14, it has been restored since I was 18 (I am 21).. I have a lot of people that make fun of me for trailering it and not driving it very much.. I have a lot of people that claim my parents paid for everything.. I really don't care.. :nonono:

    V Barb.. If you CAN build a Shelby for $2700, BE MY GUEST!!! But please, I must see pictures when your are done.. And also, I will try to reply to your tech posts when you need help, because you have voided your warranty.. :rolleyes:

    Let's move on......................:SNSign:
  8. I want to see Barbarino build his "Shelby GT" and then try to sell it as one...oops!...suddenly, it won't be one!! I wonder why?? He said you could "build your own"....hmmmm....gee then, it will suddenly look like the Shelby GT is worth more than the sum of its parts, won't it?? This will be my first and last post on this topic.
  9. Still waiting for the plate for wifeys SGT. Picture123.jpg

    What would the cost and availbility be for the grille,PBF badges,and other unique things for this car? grin
  10. The smile on her face is priceless. :nice:

  11. WOW - why did you have to go and make this an ethnic thing?

    Shalom & Love

    (PS - What time is Klan meeting this week?)

  12. CTS is a peice of ****, G8 is one of the ugliest cars made. It is the new Aztec of cars. Challenger might be another story.:lol:
  13. Ok so you got a good deal on your fully loaded gt. How bout I bring in some reality from
    Westlie Ford Mercury
    Price $30,085
    MSRP Unlisted
    Not quite $4k over what you spent. And you still have to modify yours.

    Lithia Ford of Boise
    2007 Ford Mustang SHELBY GT500 Coupe
    Oooh hot damn. I think I may actually need to look into this one.

    Those are just the first 2 I could find near me. You may really want to look at the deals you can get.
  14. Wow, too much $ speak

    I read thru this thread looking for how to build a Shelby, in that it would list the part numbers and prices and maybe where to buy the stuff from.

    In particular I was looking for the LCA's on the GT 500 for my car, a roush sport. I am more into buying Ford parts (or Roush parts) for my car and since I understand the LCA's on the GT 500 are stiffer you can upgrade your mustang with them.

    That's my mission to see what other parts on the Shelby GT or GT 500 can be used on our more "mundane" cars.

    As for the ramblings on cost of a regular GT and making a clone vs. buying a real shelby hey I can't say anything because I own a roush (but I bought mine used). Roushs are cool and expensive but worth it.

    I wanted a Shelby but a Roush is way cheaper and is a hell of a car. The Roush forums are much calmer too, not as hyper.

    Sorry to ramble, but I must leave you with this last tidbit : GM sucks.:eek:

    OH MAN!

    Yes, GM sucks, we have all agreed on that.

    By the grace of the Lord, " V." has been banned.

    Yes, this thread rambled on and on.

    As for hyper, uh huh. I feel that you have almost opened a big can of whoop bottom just for bringing this whole topic back to life. hahahahhaahahahaha

    I'm just kidding. Thank you for the delayed comments, I think. :)