Building A 331 Stroker.......advice

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  1. While much of that is true, I will say that the Coyote 5.0L TiVCT is no joke. Nearly 370rwhp from 302ci, with a smooth idle, flawless drivability and power delivery, spectacular emissions and near 30mpg capable fuel economy. That's something the old 5.0L OHV could never dream of matching.

    And yes, the cars are very mod sensitive, but also very responsive....not to mention can be fine tuned to the limit. Unlike our Fox's that pretty much need to ballpark it....and lets be honest here....are always plagued with some form of ECU gremlin no matter how much time it spends on the dyno.

    There are good and bad to everything. Our saving grace with the Fox body is the weight advantage of the car itself. As far as engine goes, that Coyote is pretty tough to compete with across the board. You might make a 302/351W variant as, or more powerful with enough parts and/or displacement, you might be able to tune a 302 to get Coyote like mileage and drivability if you're conservative enough with cam selection and fuel/spark tables.... you might even be able to choke one down enough that it keeps the smog police off your back. But the sad thing is....the Coyote does all of that and more, with the same engine!!! We might get one or two of those options with a Windsor, but have to take a bath on the others.

    Don't get me wrong....I love my Fox and have no plans on getting rid of it anytime soon, but I still bow to the superiority of the modern Mustang. If I could pick up a new Coyote powered S197 right now, for what I've got into my Fox, I'd probably have one sitting in the driveway as we speak.

    Yeah. I had mine balanced to 28oz and I gotta say...the crank looks much more stout. Heavy in the middle, instead of on the ends like the 50oz. Still....great deal for all. Right around $1,200 for the rotating assembly, billet flywheel and balancer. This was a CHP assembly.
  2. yup when I do mine it will be a CHP assembly as well

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  3. It also comes down to start to build big cubic inch motors and the fuel system and suspension of the car truly needs to be addressed so it can add up quick.

    I did a 333ci combo for a member here 89stang, out of the box AFR185, UNTOUCHED cobra intake, custom cam and made near 400rwhp, efi, 110% streetable.
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  4. I can vouch for that motor on numerous occasions I have been at the same events with him and he has had nothing but great things to say about it

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  5. Curious about the cam you're using for that??
  6. Its one on my own top of my head its about .550/.570 224/232-236 114 with a 1.6 rocker.

    We actually intended to use a little n20 on the car so the can was designed dual purpose. Car made 360+ft lbs of tq afrer a cool down with great air at night it peaked 404/385... The car runs great, extremely strong

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  7. Nice, i like a streetable car for sure!! :nice:

  8. hey rick just turned 20 thousand miles on motor shes running great! motor is very streetable! here is the mustang dyno results

    idle vid


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  9. just creamed my pants

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  10. Decent numbers. What's the consensus on the Trick Flow 185's vs. The AFR 185's comparatively. Are users finding one makes any more power than the other? Is one of them of any better quality (valve train components, machine work, etc) than the other?

    I'm sure once I get bored with the performance of my ported GT40X's, I'll likely step up to one of these two head castings.
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  11. Yup great thought!!
  12. Can't compare the port length on the 2 heads are totally different...both work very well

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  13. I agree with rick both are great heads if not the two best! of course im partial to afr but one thing i gotta say if you buy afr upgrade your rocker studs to arp studs, i broke a afr stud and after serching the net i found alot of others did too besides that i love them.
    Jeff where do i send that check again... thanks bro! coming from someone owning a gorgeous coupe like yours i appreciate it!!
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  14. my buddies stock '13 coyote went [email protected] in the 1/8th. now with a tune and CIA its running [email protected]. a 331 with TFS heads and a real intake should easily go 7.20s on motor. there is a 331 combo running around here with a holley systemax 2 intake, afr 185s running [email protected] on motor. with a Windsor you get a stronger block and more displacement growth in the future. a stock displacement Windsor with good heads on pump gas on the motor in a setup car can run high 6s as well with room to grow and more block strength. nothing wrong with a stroked 302. they will go high 10s all motor pretty easily.
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  15. its makes roll pulls at 40mph in 2nd gear 4000rpm work real good!:D btw good numbers real nice torque she must pull good!
  16. Guess I'll be looking into a set of AFR's when the time comes to upgrade from the GT40X's. That and I don't think my pistons are cut to accept the Twist Wedge valve configuration anyway? Beyond the heads, our combo's look very similar.
  17. Johns combo made more then I thought, I really wanted to put a Holley intake on the motor since I knew the Cobra would hold back the true potential. However John had the nice powered coated Cobra and it wasn't going anywhere.

    The motor is just very efficient and while he is giving up some top end HP he makes up in low end tq. The car has a nice steep tq curve like a big inch Windsor, the curves down low are great.

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  18. The TFS would still fit with the rotated design of the valve and you could still get pretty crazy with the cam profile

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