Building A 331 Stroker.......advice

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  1. Thnx, she's extremely fun to drive on the street. I do love the long trq curve cause it makes me want to keep it floored :rlaugh: having the lighter hood helps to offset the iron heads and ac weight.
    Really would like to get a fiberglass hatch, that mofo weighs a boat load.

  2. i dont get to see my torque curve much usually when its time for business i only see 4000rpms and up unless something bad happen or i missed a gear
  3. You have a freakin' cannon, yours is more of the amusement park ride at six flags, people must get scared as crap getting into that beast :hide:

  4. lmao!! why i can drive your car like that too! so can you......hear a video watch my tach see if it goes under 4000rpms after i take off in second gear around 40mph

  5. Sounded great!! What rear end gear you have?? ...oh and you're stock tach seems to be very accurate with your aftermarket one from what i can tell.
  6. thanks! 3.73 are u sure everytime i look they seem close but never the same
  7. Well i was trying to gauge by your light and the yellow on the tach, kinda hard to see from that view, your view would be much better. I'm sure you know your own tach(tachs) ..we ALL love looking at

    I have 3:55's in mine, still 5-spd though.
  8. That's good to know. I'd like to stay with the same theme when I do decide to upgrade. Would you consider the Trick Flow 205's suitable for a car that spends most of its time on the street, or are the 185's better suited to my combo? I figure with the extra cubes, it'll handle a little more volume than the standard 170's, but I don't want to make it lazy or temperamental down low either? I'm also running a 1 5/8" long tube, which will probably limit flow potential anyway? As far as the cam goes, I can't imagine getting much crazier than the XE274HR's .555/.565 lift figures. It's got a pretty choppy idle as it is and It feels like it would pull all the way to 6,500RPM if I had the ignition for it. It doesn't seem to cost me much in the lower regions either. Really, really snappy down as a matter of fact. I imagine a lot of it could be due to the conservative dimensions of the GT40X heads though?

  9. your 1 5/8 long tubes would probably hold back 205's a little 185's make great power, my cam lifts are .550/.570 the XE274HR is similiar im very happy with mine. Brian if your not gonna run forced induction go close to 11.1 comp lots of power made thru compression
  10. I figure I'm running a shade over a 10:1 CR right now. I've got the -4.0cc flat tops with the GT40X's milled down to about a 60-61cc combustion chamber. My next heads will probably be the 58cc versions, which according to CHP will get me around the 10.3-10.4 range. I guess that's just a ballpark though, considering the XE274HR has a fair bit of overlap compared to most?

    ...and like yourself, I've got a purple bottle sitting in my living room right now waiting for the install. I'll probably spray it in the 75-100hp range, but I'm told this kit will handle as much as 150. We'll see. I'd kinda like to get some break in time on the engine first. Don't even have 1,000km on it yet.

    I'd still like the option to used 87-octane every once and a while ( skate. :D). I'm running my base timing at about 11-degree's right now and I'm just on the edge with the 91-octane. I'm actually thinking of pulling just a little more timing out of it, just to smooth things out a little. The car's a little bit jerky down the timing is too far advanced. Might just be the nature of the camshaft though? I've still got to play around with a little more. Once I get all of the bugs worked out, I'll take her to the dyno for some fine tuning and see what kind of numbers it puts down.
  11. the 205s will be fine for a 331, just cam it accordingly.

  12. yeah clement is right actually seems like everybody is going with bigger heads now 1 5/8 headers are not ideal but will work. Im running probe srs series 4cc flattop pistons 10.7:1 comp afr 185 58cc heads. I do have a zex nos kit all hooked up ready to go actually my whole build was with nos in mind nos cam etc. When Rick dynoed my car it had less than 500 miles on motor so of course spraying it on dyno wasnt gonna happen, so after dyno results almost 400rwhp with my smallest jet a 75 would put me closer to 500rwhp than i am comfy with. I have a sct 4 bank eliminator piggyback chip so i just need to get on dyno to get a nos tune burnt on chip which ive been thinking about doing more than once in the last couple years only stopping because if something bad happens my pockets are not deep enough to fix, its killing me i would love to see what it would do hell on my stock motor i was using that nos kit like a passing gear filling bottle weekly. Brian sounds like your setup gonna make real good power i would definitely do a chip tune on dyno especially that your gonna spray, forget about 87 octane dream in winter sometimes i need to add a little octane boost cause 93 premium gas aint enough but only when its cold and on the top of 4th gear and floored i ping a little not much. good luck bro im looking forward to see how your build turns out hell if your hp is similiar to mine and then you spray nos it might be the kick in the asss i need to spray i miss that sheot!
  13. Fine for a stand still, to the end of a quarter mile pass, or fine as a daily driver on the street. When I upgrade, I want to make it worth while, but don't want to sacrifice low speed drivability, or cruise in the process. I usually see these sized heads on 351W based strokers. I haven't any experience with a head that big, in an engine this small. You don't think the Comp 274 would be a good match? I'd still like to run a decent amount of vaccum for the street and low LSA's so as not to give the ECU fits while I'm waiting to have it tuned?

    That being said, I guess GM's LSX engines run pretty well with big volume heads and relatively dedate cam profiles on small displacement engines. Guess I've still got plenty of time to ponder.
  14. the bigger the port, the less lobe area needed to get to your target air speed at your target piston speed. so with less lobe area comes less overlap and better driveability as a side benefit. I know people use the 205s on big windsors, however I think the cross section of the TFS 205/RHS 215/225 High Port/ARF 205 is a little small for a 408. you also have to think about what intake you are going to put on the motor because if the intake is a restriction its going to act like it has the smaller cross section port. as far as the comp cam id have to look that up. when I spec a cam I usually open the bullet lobe catalog, work the events I want to see and order what I want. what intake are you gonna run?

    the xe275hr events at .050
    IO 4 btdc
    IC 40 abdc
    EO 52 bbdc
    EC 0 tdc

    so even with pistons not cut for a TW, that cam should clear easily with a TW. that cam should be very driveable in a 331 with a 205 TW and a non box R or systemax.
  15. part of the reasons the GM heads have large volume is that the port is longer than a sbf and sbc by about a 1/2". so for a given volume the cross section of an LS head will generally be smaller. that's why we use measured min cross section not estimated cross section from volume when calculating mean airspeed.