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  1. I went to a shop and did a dyno pull and starting talking to a guy there about the number I wanted to make. He said for 450hp to the wheels it would cost like 8 grand do you guys think that is a good number or too high this shop is a shop for foxbody mustangs
  2. I don't understand why guys get hung up on a dyno number. What is your goal and what do you want to do with the car? I've seen cars with 350hp smoke cars with 450hp that either couldnt hook, had terrible drivers, or were not setup right with suspension , etc.

    Dyno numbers don't win races. To answer your question though, it all depends on how you get there. 550 crank hp that is reliable and fast aint cheap.
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  3. Depends on the route you take. Here's the route I took for a similar move:
  4. 450 is my goal
  5. There should be $ per HP calculator for with suspension or without :rlaugh:
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  6. My Dad used say, "son, you can go fast for a little bit of money, but if you want to go real fast, you better get off your damn wallet!". I'll never forget that. :)

    Based on things I've learned from people here, as well as others, if you factor in not only base HP, but the brakes, suspension, etc. that should go along with it, its going to be expensive. That number doesn't sound too outrageous to me, even though I'm sure some places would be a little less, some, maybe a little more.

    Good luck with your project!
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  7. Why does it have to be exactly 450? Why not 350? why not 550?

    What others said, theres cars with a lot less horsepower that can smoke cars with way more. Different routes will have a big cost difference whether it be forced induction or N/A.

    Personally, i would spend my money on suspension first. Someone once told me that all that power is worthless if it can't get to the ground properly. Plus, it can be fun to drive a slow car fast.
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  8. 450 is my goal because that's all my motor cn handle plus that 8 grand is also going into suspension
  9. Is your car a 5 speed? AOD? If its an AOD, you might wanna invest in building it up, high stall converter, rear gears. And like one other person mentioned, heads alone is a good 2k.

    What about brakes? 450HP would be scary with stock 4 lug brakes. Gotta take that into account too.

    But why would you wanna go to 450? Slap on a good top end kit, such as the kit from trick flow, add on supporting fuel mods, and you'd probably have a good 300RWHP and lots of money left over for suspension and drivetrain mods.
  10. It is a 5 speed and I am buying that kit plus a full 5 lug swap from late model restoration and an one 3 turbo
  11. 5 lug fox style rotors or the full 5 lug kit? Gotta factor in the cost for 5 lug wheels too.
  12. Full 5 lug disk brakes on all four and I'm buying thre sve drag wheels
  13. So with the ON3 turbo kit, 5 lug wheels, full 5 lug brake kit, youre at about 5k. Don't forget tuning. You can blow your stock motor really quick with just a small amount of boost.
  14. Which leaves me with 3 grand maybe a little more
  15. Then you gotta think about tuners (tweecer, AFM PMS, FAST EFI, Pro-M, etc) and then a good dyne tune. And then a budget for when stuff starts breaking.
  16. Throwing a turbo on a stock motor = boom. The OP says he has 3k for the motor? An R302 or similar bare block is 750-1000. A short block that can handle 450hp will be 3k alone. Heads 2k. Cam 300, headers 300, Intake, TB, exhaust, fuel pump, ignition, radiator, electric fan, tune ,etc. You are looking at anywhere from 7-10k , not 3k.

    Also, the stock T5 won't handle that power, so add another 2k for a new transmission, clutch, pressure plate, driveshaft

    Sounds like you have a money tree in the back yard... lol
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  17. Don't forget another 2k for when other stuff starts breaking due to all the power. lol
  18. Love it when people "window shop" performance parts for their cars. "I'll just throw a tfs kit with an On3 turbo" for 4k...blah blah blah". I'm tired of posting the obvious. Maybe because I'm sick. Maybe I'm just old. Maybe I'm tired. Maybe I'm just sick and tired of the same old thing:bang:
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  19. I learned that a very long time ago. I also learned "just because its cheap, doesn't mean its the best solution.

    Personally, id go with the Hellion system, as I've seen much more positive reviews than the ON3 system. But the Hellion system is 4k, so there goes your budget on motor haha
  20. Getting a lot of this lately; questions on how to build an engine on a rediculous budget.

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