Built Motor and procharger for sale 2v

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by lightemupnj, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. alum cobra block, 03/04 cobra crank, manley h beams, diamond pistons, stage 3 port livernois 2vheads, VT cams, 9:1 comp, cobra oil pump.

    $3800 <---Not negotiable, priced super cheap for quick sale not entertaining offers.


    [email protected]

    still in car for time being can hear run, take ride, etc. have port matched bullit intake available also, and will sell short block and heads seperate if wanted but would rather sell longblock.

    $3,000 shortblock

    $1,500 heads

    procharger air to air, big red bov, procharger d1sc, RR pulley (14psi) 6 rib. off 98 2v w/ Bullit Intake

    $2,600 obo
  2. I am parting out the whole car and only gonna keep the body/frame so if you need any parts for 96-04 mustang I prob have them, just ask.
  3. would you have the rear end and brakes and rotors for the car? I am currently looking at buying a cobra motor from a guy for my 98 3.8L
  4. Sale pending on that stuff right now, if it falls thru I will let you know.
    31 spline axles, eaton posi, welded axle tubes
  5. Sale pending on Shortblock

    Heads still available
  6. sale fell thru on the rear, a1000, fuel lines, and aeromotive regulator guy couldnt come up with the cash so back available
  7. shortblock sale fell thru, need it gone rock bottom price

    $2000 picked up
    $2300 shipped

    these prices are as firm as it gets.

    I will also include ARP head studs with it for free.
  8. What cams are in the heads? Very interested!
  9. Is still procharger avaiable yet if so what's all included
  10. Heads are sold procharger is sold

    Have the rear marked down for quick sale at $700

    31 spline mosers, eaton posi, welded tubes, girdle, ext studs, 3.73s
  11. shortblock is sold too
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