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  1. how many of you guys take pride in doing all the work on your car yourself? or who would rather buy some ones car after its done or just buy a car off the showroom thats already fast?

    i personaly take pride in doing everything my self
  2. :stupid:

    Guys who would rather buy than build aren't really car people... They're boys with toys.
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  3. the 86 for 03 threads what got me curious... guys with 03's mostly seem like the type who just buy a fast car take it to a shop to have the basics done and then think they know everything since they have 500+hp
  4. LOL you made a couple of comments about this. Sounds like they'd be better off owning a Porsche? I have a fox because its what I could afford to buy and what I could afford to build up slowly. If I had the money, I'd have bought a Termi and a Hellion system and put it on myself along with Megasquirt so I could tune it myself. That's just me.

    I still think you are right though, there are plenty of people who let their wallet do the talking. Those guys go to the lawn chair nationals. They don't hang out with guys that frequent boards like these
  5. At the end of the day i when you step back and look at something you have created/modified/improved it can't really be compared. If i got something that is already built or a new vehicle i would never have the same connection and could never care for the vehicle on the same level. It would not be something i worked hard on for hours on end and i would never get the same satisfaction/enjoyment from the vehicle.
  6. Mmm.... no. My money is hard earned whether I spend it on a car OR parts. Whatever I buy, I take care of. I bought my King Ranch (which I have salivated over for yearsssss) and take waaaay better care of that than any other vehicle I have ever owned.
  7. Building your own is half the fun of the hobby.
  8. I kinda share the same outlook, although i would looove a termi. Too many people with money pay speedshops thousands so they can talk chit about things they know jack chit about. The man i have the respect for is the man that learns how to do his own work....not write checks.
  9. WHAT?!?! Y'all make it sound like owning a Terminator automatically make you unable to pick up a wrench and work on it yourself.
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  10. It has bolts like everything else. Righty-tighty, lefty loosey.
  11. Problem for me is my taste is always different from every "Done" car I've thought about buying. In the end I just say "I'll do it myself my way". I've bought my cars new (stock) then did what I wanted to them.
  12. Bingo. Makes me wonder who the real snobs here are? :scratch:
  13. I love the build. My problem is that when I am "done" with the build and after driving the car for awhile, I find another reason to take it apart and make it even "better". It is the same for me with drag racing. I love to drive a fast car, but I get as much satisfaction helping my friend with his car (basically being the crew chief)) and watching it run hard and quicker because of all of the work.

  14. I get called that a lot on here. Still haven't figured out why.
  15. That's expensive. I'm slowly learning that. My next car will have all the expensive parts I want and I'll just "frost the cake" so to speak, like buying the $40 drain line for the $900 turbo.
  16. I search Ebay and CL daily. I rarely want to buy a car modded in fear the owner beat the living crap out of it or it's parts I wouldn't put on it. The ones that catch my eye are stock and original. That's a foundation I can work with.
  17. NOT the point i was trying to make...
  18. I wasn't referring to you, just accrediting you for making the statement. I’m making a generalized comment on those who would automatically assume that a person who chooses to buy a newer, or better car from the get go hasn't the same automotive skills, or desire as the one who would buy a 20-year-old Fox body, Making a judgement of someones ability or commitment to the hobby because they chose something that won’t require $10,000 worth of work to perform on par with the newer car in the first place is just silly.

    It ALWAYS makes more sense to start with the best starting point you can afford. If someone chooses to do otherwise, they're making a decision based on other, less rational reasons.

    I CHOSE my fox because of nostalgia, initial low cost purchase price and simplicity reasons. Not because it made the most sense to buy, was the better starting point, or qualifies me as more of a "car guy". I'll be the first (and by the looks of it the only) to admit that.
  19. i was refering more to the idea of getting someone elses project they have put that into. i really wanted a 10 mustang, and i bought a grabber blue one, and i take very good care of it, but if it gets totalled.. oh well. if my cobra was totaled that would suck.
  20. most people who can work on cars know that spending 10k extra for 4k in "add on go fast parts" is dumb