built vs bought....

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  1. You're right,..
    Prick Pirates
  2. Motion to amend to option B! All in Favor?
  3. DING DING DING!!! Winna winna chicken dinna
  4. Although Ninjas be stealthy,...nothin like sneakin up and prickifyin a foo.
  5. Pay no attention to the retard in the corner...

  6. Yeah, but we gotz teh wheelz mane. Give them foos a drive by prickin'
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  7. Shut up, your car sucks....:rlaugh:
  8. But then Pirates will be forcin ya to walk a prick plank Arrr.
  9. :rlaugh: whatever, you had a shop install your last clutch so you suck
  10. And the first w/ an official prick insult....
    Nate just got pricked from the inside.
  11. Ima prick, Ima prick... nanadance.gif
  12. Feelz good don't it?
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  14. I gotta be me!
  15. aaaaannnddd... you lost me.

    I don't know if you pricks can build cars, but you sure as hell can build extra pages in a thread.... that's 2 in like 20 minutes.
  16. Derailed... that's what I do

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  17. Boredom in its finest 20 minutes.

    ....And I resemble that charge :p
  18. Hey get used to. Bandwidth trashin' is what pricks do. Do they care,...no, they're pricks
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  19. Motion we cease all this prick talkin, I gotta vacuum before the wife gets home or she'll call me a useless prick.
  20. wut :rlaugh:SSSHHHH! Chris is back! :rlaugh: