built vs bought....

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  1. Maybe tomorrow we can vote on the prick hierarchy?
  2. Yeah, and make prick rank.
    Like E-1 = Prick
    E-2 = Worthless Prick
    You know stuff like that.
    Go to sleep Collin,...dream of getting to get off the boat.
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  3. I still say built...****es!
  4. Oh, look.. PrikwoaC.... lulz..

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  5. LOL what the hell happened in here?
  6. I don't have an excuse for anyone else, but I was BORED.
  7. I lost track 4 pages ago. I stopped reading after all the long winded posts.
  8. Long story short we became dubbed as pricks by his majesty(s) [/tounge in cheek] so we started a club..LOL. Mea culpa...cabin fever, what can I say?
  9. I will be honest. A few years ago I loved spending all day under a car and bent over the engine bay. Now work, family and life get in the way. If its something I can knock out rather easily or in a few hours I dont mind doing it, but I am getting to the point where I would just rather drive than wrench and I find the wallet coming out. But then again I have merely a covered car port to work under and even then I sometimes have to move the car out into the open so I have more space. If I had a worshop and a lift I likely wouldnt mind as much.
  10. That is incorrect,.....I named myself prick. You guys just latched on because you realize that your cars suck.
  11. *Andrew Dice Clay fashion* OOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
  12. Oh man, ADC.... that guy...
  13. Just keeping up appearances,...it's tough,....but somebodies gotta do it.:cool:
    I'ma prick , He's a prick, She's a prick, We're a prick,...wouldn't you like to be a prick too?
  14. Hey man, I think the other kids aren't too hip to our club. You think they think they're better than us? Frickin snobs...
  15. This thread inspired me, now that I'm on break for a week, to fix up my BMW. Changed the belts and oil yesterday, and a ball joint today.... getting that ball joint out and the new one back in was hell...LOL Thanks, guys!

    Kidding aside, I probably did save myself $150-$200 cause the labor rates they charge over here are pretty bad. If I can get one tomorrow, I'm going to figure out which Wheel speed sensor is acting up and replace it. The only thing left that I'd want to do after that is replace the front quarter panels since they're beat up from the signs that keep getting in the way.
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  16. Who's getting in who's way? LOL
  17. The answer is........

    [quote="SSeater, post: 8603657, member: 168157 Frickin snobs...[/quote]

    Maybe now we need a snob club to offset the balance of power of the prick club..:shrug:
  18. Maybe now we need a snob club to offset the balance of power of the prick club..:shrug:[/quote]

    Oh that was at Fastdriver's comment about the signs taht keep getting in the way
  19. Yeah, I know........was just trying to be a smart ass...........FAIL!:(