Bullitt Axlebacks

Discussion in 'Exhaust Parts' started by 4bangstangvert, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. Pair of Bullitt Axle-backs. Car had less than 5k miles when replaced with Stingers to match the new x-pipe. Minor handling scratches that cannot be seen from more than 3 feet away. Same as FRPP part #M-5230-GTB. Best retail price that I’ve seen was $390, asking $225. Shipping available at your expense
  2. Since shipping seems to be deal the deal killer - price is now $225 shipped
  3. Are these the stock mufflers that come on the Bullitt? Where are the scatches? on the chrome?

    Also where in the Burg are you? I live in Reading, but come to Allison Park to see grand kids sometimes.

    I have an '08 Bullitt that the previous owner modded with Flowmasters and I'm not totally happy with the drone sometimes. His originals are N/A.
  4. They are factory take-offs from an '08 Bullitt. The scratches are very fine, like someone wiped the tip off while it was dirty with a dry rag. They are in a small group further back from the edge and look like they would be hidden by the bumper anyway. The tips are actually polished stainless so you probably could hide them a lot more with more polishing if you really wanted to.

    I'm about a half hour southeast of Allison Park, not too far from the turnpike exit in Monroeville.
  5. Bullitt mufflers...

    Sent you a personal message.
  6. sale pending...
  7. If 4BANGSTANGVERT does not purchase them let me know. I, too, am interested.
  8. I was actually the seller, not the purchaser. They are long gone, sorry.
  9. Mufflers

    Yeah, I was looking at the wrong post. Thanks for letting me know.
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