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Discussion in 'Special Production' started by flip01, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. my ID# stickers for my Bullitt are fading. never been able to read the number since i got her. any way Ford can extract the number for me through my VIN? or any other way to get my Bullitt ID#?
    she's authentic, no doubt. i just wanna show my number.
  2. There was a third sticker produced by Ford. You'll have to go to a dealer so they can verify authenticity. Not sure if there is a cost or not (post back and let us know).

    I'm tempted whenever I need to get mine to get a clear laminate of some sort to put over it, to protect it.

    Hope this helps!

  3. flip, we Bullittheads over at www.imboc.com have learned that we can get our 3rd and final sticker from Ford through our dealerships. You go to your service department, not parts dept., and give them your VIN # and show them your faded or rubbed out sticker numbers and they will order your new hologram sticker for you. It will come with a rub proof film on it. They will call you when it is in and you go there to pick it up. Many of us at IMBOC have gotten our 3rd stickers. :D
  4. Flip01, I noticed that you have some tokicos to put on. I just got a set, and I love them. You can do the back ones yourself, it's easy. Are they the 5 way abjustable?
  5. Muffinboy-

    What kind of difference did you see with the new shocks? I've been pretty happy with the suspension on the road course, but there is always room for improvement! :nice:

  6. Blackbullitt, The difference in my new suspension (springs and shocks) compared to stock is HUGE. I thought the stock Bullitt handled like a brick on marbles before. Now I have no nose dive what so ever with any breaking or turning I do. The car feels even more planted than before. I can adjust the stiffness to feel every contour in the road or set it for a smooth ride. I can't wait to get my Bullitt out to the track and see how much time I can cut from my 1/4 mile. Rick
  7. Cool, thanks! Been thinking about suspension mods for a while. Did take her out to the open track at Pacific Raceways this last July and had a blast.... I'm thinking upper/lower control arms, C/C plates and shocks will do it. Of course, the extra rubber I've got doesn't hurt a bit either....

    Good to see another Washington Bullitt! :nice:
  8. Hidden sticker?

    I just bought a pristine DHG Bullitt (after years of searching and being able to afford one) and am still researching all the interesting data on them. I read somewhere that there is a "hidden" sticker indicating the line number. All I can find is the one on the shock tower. Any help? Thanks!
  9. Yes Katonk, there is a 2nd hidden sticker. Look underneath the carpet under the driver's side passenger seat. You will find it there. There is also a 3rd sticker that Ford has posession of and will send it to you if yours on your shock tower is damaged or the numbers are worn off. Go to: www.imboc.com (Inernational Mustang Bullitt Owners Club) and you will see posts of how to get that 3rd sticker.

    If you register over there, I am a Moderator and I will get you on the Registry as soon as you find out what your special ID # of your Bullitt is. We have a little over 1,800 Bullitts out of 5,582 produced registered so far over there! :cool:
  10. Thanks!

    Thanks TwoStang! I already joined up and registered at IMBOC and I also found that link with photos where the hidden sticker is after I posted my original inquiry. What if my original tower sticker is still in pristine condition? Will Ford still send the 3rd one if requested? Anyway, Thanks for the support!
  11. Yes, in fact they will. Just print out that TSB Bullittin from the Bullitt Archives and take it in to the service dept (not the parts dept) and show them that print out and they should make the call to Ford and order it for you. A few days later, you go down to the dealership and pick up the brown manilla with your 3rd and final sticker for yours to keep!

    They are planning on a Bullitt cruise on March 20 at IMBOC in the Northwest Forum. Check it out!