Bullitt bullitt or mach 1?

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  1. hey guys

    im posting a similar question in the mach 1 section btw!

    i want to get either a bullitt or a mach 1 (azure blue)

    so my question to you bullitt guys is why should i get a bullittover a mach1???


  2. This is a question I had to think about when I was beginning my search a while ago. I can give you my reasoning for making the choice I did. I will preface this by saying that it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made...

    One advantage Bullitt is potential collectability. In terms of production numbers it's an easy choice, Bullitts at around 5700 or Mach 1's at about 18,000. Potential upside for future value is most likely on the side of the Bullitt. Of course if you plan on buying a car for a few years and thrashing it then this point will mean nothing. If, however, you plan on buying the car to keep and enjoy it's something to keep in mind.

    Another point in favor of the Bullitt is cost of purchase. You can buy very clean & low mileage (under 30000) mile Bullitts for less than 15k if you do your homework. For less than 18k you can find showroom condition cars. Good clean Machs seem to be high teens to low 20's still.

    If you just want to buy something and not have to mod for straight line performance, advantage Mach 1 and the 4v motor. It definately has more yank than the stock Bullitt motor. The Bullitt (imo) has a superior suspension though with tokico struts and lower springs from the factory. It also has subframe connectors, though they are adequate at best. Most Bullitt owners (and any other Mustang driven aggressively) will opt for sfc's as one of the first mods for their cars. The Bullitts also have the same brake package as the Mach 1 (different color & logo) so things are even there.

    I will say this, for what you can save by buying a same condition Bullitt vs Mach 1, you could go forced induction and have a car that will no doubt be quicker than the Mach. This is the path I chose.

    There is, of course, the intangible factor of which car you like better. They are different looks for sure. The Mach 1 is more about "I'm here, now deal with it", where the Bullitt is more about "You don't know it yet, but you're mine"
    I like the stealth look the Bullitt has, the spoiler delete is cool & retro too. You really can't go wrong either way. Both cars are cool and a blast to drive...You have a good choice to make.....Tally one for the Bullitt here though....John R
  3. The Mach has the same from the factory.
  4. My bad-I stand corrected....John R
  5. No, there is a difference!!!

    Hey gang,

    I don't normally hang in this forum but I'm a fan of the Bullitt. In fact, I'm getting the Bullitt suspension installed on my 94 GT.

    During my research, I found out that even though the springs are rated the same, there is a difference.

    Here is the link to the forum:


    Enjoy!!! :nice:

    Happy 4th of July !!! :flag:

  6. Here's a pic of mine... Go and look and drive both and then decide.

    I will never get rid of mine. 383rwhp 380rwtq for now...

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  7. Nice car magnum347....I feel the same way about mine...John R

  8. It was harder for me to find a Mach 1in my price range (versus the Bullitts, which were cheaper), and while initially I wanted the "I'm here, now deal with it" look, I've grown to love the lurking feel of the understated Bullitt exterior. Plus, it gets less cop attention, which is great ;)

    If you really want crazy raw N/A power, and prefer the loud looks, go with the Mach 1. I just felt the Bullitt was more balanced as a whole

  9. Well said.....
  10. the thing i love about the bullit is the way the seats hold you. When i went out looking for a newer car i drove a scion tc, 04 mustang gt and then the bullitt. I was looking for a automatic car but as soon as i got into the bullitt i was just like this is the one. My parents didnt understand why i was choosing a 01 with 25,000 miles on it to a 04 with 8,000 miles on it, but then they test drove both cars and found out why.
  11. I took the Mach but looked at the Bullitt. The Bullitt wasn't much different than my 02 GT in power but the upgraded interior was nice along with the supession/wheels. Here's a nice little Mustang 50 piece that compare both cars:


    No one know what car would be more collectable but if you look at the 60's Mach's the big hot rod engines are insane while the little 351's are still within most people range. For me the Mach had the name I grew up with and the Bullitt was a fictional movie but yes both are cool cars. At the rate the Mach's are being wrecked, modded, and raced it maybe veary hard to find a nice one it the future.

    If you would have come on the Mach board and ask rather to buy a 03/04 Cobra vs a Mach I'd say about 80% would have said Corba which is another special. For me the looks of the Mach with it's graphics, hood scoop, tires, suspension, and engine. The interior is about perfect too and you just have to set behind that rasied scope to sell you on it IMO.
  12. I have a Bullitt and I love it. I get compliments all the time.
    Handles great, looks great, the seats are great...

    Here's a couple pics:



  13. Very nice...I want a Highland green Bullit in my collection 1 day...If i ever have a collection. I want one with an 03 Cobra hood, beacuse its similar to the 68 fasback GT hood, & grey 17 inch Torque thrusts....:nice:

  14. Gorgeous car and really nice pictures. How did you get the last picture to show the color it does? Really looks like a different car. ...John R
  15. I actually prefer the Mach seats over any other Mustang seat.