Bullitt Bullitt or Not?

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  1. I haven't purchased my car yet, but I'm going to this Monday. I was reading up about Bullitts, and when I ran my car's VIN on www.autochecker.com, it said 2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt /GT. When I ran other 2001 GTs, it would just say 2001 Ford Mustang GT, Cobras would say 2001 Ford Mustang Cobra, etc. Seeing as I'm going to the dealer either tomorrow or Monday to check out the car, and I hate waiting :p, is there any way to check if my car is a Bullitt?


    I know they're not supposed to be yellow, but you can always paint 'em. Besides, I can't see any fog lights.
  2. Here are the features that make a Bullitt a Bullitt...

    Engine and transmission modifications

    The new cast aluminum intake manifold has an increased runner diameter to maintain low-end torque and provide a broader power curve for increased top-end performance.
    A twin 57mm-bore throttle body replaces the GT 65 mm throttle body, allowing for quicker throttle response and increased peak flow.
    To reduce parasitic losses, the alternator pulley was increased to 66 mm and the water pump pulley was increased to 140 mm.
    The exhaust system has been retuned to increase flow approximately 20% and give the Bullitt a new distinct sound.
    All Mustang Bullitts will have the new TR3650 transmission and clutch assembly that provides improved shift quality. A new 11-inch flywheel and clutch assembly have been added to increase torque capacity and reduce clutch pedal efforts.

    Pony on grill is centered in a blacked out coral instead of chrome.
    Does not come with a spoiler.
    Brushed aluminum gas filler door.
    Molded front mud guards.
    Different Rocker Panels
    Lowered by 3/4"
    Red Brake calipers.
    Fake rear brake venting is only extruding and does not have the honeycomb plastic grill.
    Bullitt Badge on Trunk lid.
    Rolled exhaust tips.
    Molded c-pillars sweep forward instead of straight down.

    Brushed aluminum looking shifter bezel.
    Brushed aluminum shifter knob.
    Door sills with BULLITT logo.
    Retro dash has white lighting and closely indexed speedometer.
    Seats are stitched to emulate the style from the 60's..
    New stainless steel pedal covers are positioned to provide better heel-to-toe relationship.

    Here some good reading for you

    FYI... There is also a 2nd Bullitt ID sticker/number under the rear seat, very easy to access... http://www.bullittarchive.com/1002.htm

  3. If that was originally a Bullitt, I weep for it now. Looks fugly to me, but whatever.
  4. Well it's a Saleen body kit if I'm not mistaken, so it doesn't look too bad. I can always remove it and paint it black, I prefer it over green or yellow :p. Thanks for the links, but I already read all of them hehe. The reason I'm asking is because I haven't physically checked out the car, and when I ran it's VIN, my eyes lit up to what I saw. So yeah, I guess only time will tell. When I come back from Vegas on Sunday, if I have time, I'll stop by the dealership seeing as it's right off the 15, the same freeway to get from Vegas to LA, and check it out, then update you guys on what it is. Thanks for all the help either way :).


    Just called the dealership, it looks like they're in the process of selling the car right now, and it's not a Bullitt.
  5. THat is not a bullitt. But to each is own. For one look at the seats, also theres no interior trim, i could go on forever but that is not a bullitt........
  6. look under the hood there will be bullitt lables on the shock towers
  7. +1
    The only real way to tell.
  8. Hey Guys... I have a HIGHLAND GREEN mustang gt 01... but no bullitt stickers anywhere in sight. :( when i bought it.. it was in bad shape.. but im fixing it slowly. there are no bullitt stickers where the passenger seats are and i cant find any ones near the shock towers.
  9. In addition to what's listed above, the engine is different. Most people who create fakes, dont spend the money on the proper intake manifold.

    Sticker in this photo. You can see it on the driver's shock tower onthe front. You'll also notice the intake manifold here. This is a bullitt engine bay


    This is a standard Mustang GT engine. It's also green, but you can notice the shade is slightly lighter