Bullitt Supension on 94/95 pictures

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  1. Bullitt Suspension on 94-98, need pictures

    Does anyone have pictures of a 94-98 stang with Bullitt Suspension (preferably with 17" rims, but anything will be great)?

    I hate to ask this question, but after repeated searches on the site, I've seen several people attempt to find pictures of 94-98 stangs with the full Bullitt Suspension kit (sways, springs, shocks/struts), but not a single person has posted a picture. Maybe by now, someone has this upgrade.

    I want to buy this kit for my car, becase I have the bone stock suspension still in place (minus Midas shocks/struts) and I want exactly what this kit is "supposed" to provide: better handling, 1" lowering, and all parts tuned to work with each other. The kit is about $395, so it's probably cheaper than buying the stock replacements (which I would never do!). I'm real curious to find out if it's worth the investment. I'm not doing any major work or upgrades on my car for quite a while, so a mild suspension upgrade will do fine for 2-3 years. I do have to replace the suspension before too long, because the ride is definitely not as good as it was.

    If anyone has this suspension, please post some pictures. Even if it isn't your car, but you know that it is a 94-98 stang with this specific kit, please post those pics as well.

    Thanks and I do apologize in advance to anyone who has gotten tired of seeing this post repeatedly, but I thought I'd give it a try.
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    anyone??? last try I guess.
  3. i wish i had some pics for you but i don't. i was wondering where you found the kit?
  4. You know I asked this question before I lowered my ride on many forums and no one ever replied. There are some cars 94-98 with it on them but no one had a digital camera or any quality pics. I can say that I have seen a couple of cars in person with this kit (after I decided on something else) and they looked a little lower (maybe 3/4" or so) but they honestly didn't look much different to me.

    The best daily driver drop I think you could go with would be the FMS "C" springs or the Steeda sports. They are between 1" and 1.5" drops...

    I can also tell you YDMV (your drop may vary). I've seen some cars that drop more/less with the same equipment.

    Best of luck on your quest to get pics.

  5. About the best price available is at www.gefracing.com. I live in the Atlanta area, so they are close by and they can do the install along with a couple other items. The kit is just under $400 for springs, shocks, struts, and front/rear swaybars as found on the Bullitt. All parts were matched and tuned to work with each other.

    I'm not looking for a major ride drop, largely because I don't want to spend lots of $$$ to fix alignment issues. Right now, I get great even wear out of my tires. I like the 1.5 inch drop look, but the overall improvement of my suspension is my main goal. Plus that's a lot of new parts for low bucks and I'm at least better off than stock.

    Make sense? and thanks for the responses.
  6. thanks for the link.
  7. That's exactly what you'll get out of the bullitt kit. I have FMS "C" springs and Mach1 shocks/struts. I couldn't be happier. The bullitt kit is extremely similar to my setup. Your drop may vary due to how the springs are installed (direction) and whether or not you use spring isolators.
  8. Can you elaborate on what you mean by "direction." Isnt there only one right way to install a spring. I plan on installing that same kit by the end of the month and want to know what im getting myself into.

  9. If you don't make sure the end of the coils are in the same/right place then you'll have a different ride height, and possibly variation from side to side. On the front A arm there are 2 holes in the spring perch. The "tail" of the spring needs to cover up the first one and not cover the second one.

    In the rear, the top "tails" of the springs need to be positioned the same from side to side or your car will sit lopsided. I think both tails need to be on the left but I'm not 100% on that.
  10. That's why I'll just have GEF install the items, since they should be able to get it right the first time.

    Why would you and can you really go without spring isolators? Wouldn't there be a consequence? I can see that it will add to the total "drop" of the car, but what's the downside?

    Thanks. And you guys getting this suspension, don't forget to post pics afterwards and your thoughts after they've settled in.
  11. I have it on my car. I didn't go with the sway bars since our cars came with thicker ones from the factory.

    You won't notice much of a difference in the pics since it is minor drop. But as far as handling improvement, it is 10x better than stock. With my 275/40 and the bullitt kit, the stangs grips hard and body roles are almost non-existent.

    Here’s the basic kit (I had other shock and strut still in the box so you only see one of each in the pic.

    More pics. The last 3 were taken a few minutes ago.

    Pic right after the install

    Front. Almost looks Cobra R’ish from this angle:D.

    More frontals.
  12. I have the bullit shocks and struts with Steeda sport springs, I have a few pictures on my website but the quality is pretty bad.
  13. I think I like that look, kind of a sleeper appeal. I've got subs already and that alone made a good difference. I'd be interested in seeing zenboy99's pics w/the Steeda springs and I'm curious if that kind of drop requires c/c plates (that's what I want to avoid cause of the $$$).

    275's on the stock tribars? Any problems at all. I've heard they're not a good idea on 17x8's, but I've never heard of anyone having problems. Thanks for the pics w/the suspension. What is the size of the Bullitt's sways? Didn't realize they were smaller, so I guess that would be a downgrade to use them. Too bad no other companies offer kits with just springs and struts/shocks for a discounted price.

    Thanks again for the responses.
  14. The bullitt sway bars aren't a downgrade. I will find an important link for you tonight when it get home. :nice:
  15. RiceEating5.0, are you 5.0 on garageTuners.com?

    Your car looks very familiar. I know you did the Bullit suspension a while ago, how is it holding up so far? How do you like it for daily driving?
  16. Great chart above!!!

    So the Bullitt's front sway bar is 1.5mm larger than the GT, but the rear sway bar is 2mm smaller. Any reason not to switch to both Bullitt sway bars? I would think that they may work well together, but then I've got no real idea as to their exact importance or effect.

    How close in specs are the 1994 stock suspension to the GT listed above (which must be a newer GT)?
  17. The 275's fit like a glove. Any larger and you'd run into problems, but they fit perfectly and i've had them on for over a year now. I still run 245's up front though (i haven't replaced them because they're still new). You can order the kit without the swaybars, that's what i've done. Unless that's changed over the last year, you should find a couple of places that'll sell them without them.

    It is larger than the 99+ GT's, not our year GT's. Here are the specs.

    94 GT-----30mm (1.18")-------- 24mm (0.94")

    SteedaGT, yes, i'm 5.0 on garagetuners:D. The suspension is holding up very nicely. I installed the kit without the spring isolators up front, but it's still nice for a daily driver. I also have that chin spoiler so the kit not being a big drop was a plus for me. I can actually get around parking lot dips, etc.... without rubbing the crap out of my chin spoiler. Overall, i'm very satisfied with my $320 dollar investment and the results. I got a lot of bang for my money there.
  18. Sounds awesome man, I'm Zwan on gT if you havent already figured it out :rlaugh:
  19. I put two and two together;). Who else would have remembered my ride from gT? Then there was the blown oxfard white GT in your sig, but I already knew who it was before even seeing it.

    If i remember correctly, It was you who pointed me to the kit, so i've got you to thank.