Bullitt Supension on 94/95 pictures

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  1. It's not just size that matters, note that the bullitt front sway bar is tubular instead of solid. It looks like the bullitt suspension has less bar in the rear, but, you have to remember that those sway bars were designed to work with those springs, shocks, and struts. The sway bar is easy to swap out anyway. Try them both and see which one you like. :shrug: :nice:
  2. Yes I remember. I was going to buy it for myself back then but never got around to it. So how much has it settled over the past few months? Is it a 1 inch drop total?
  3. I think I'll give the whole kit a try and keep the old parts around. Christmas is just around the corner! :D

    Thanks for the info on the sways DougNuts. I need to do some reading on suspension and just how it all works together. I know the basics and the completely obvious information, just not the "system" aspect of it.

    Thanks again to all.
  4. Sup Zwan..I'm blue oval pride or somethin over on garage tuners. Haven't been in there in forever.
  5. I plan on going with the Bullitt kit too. I've already got lowering springs, but I have no idea when the shocks and struts were last replaced so I wanted to go to something like Tokicos...and I was advised to replace the springs while I was at it since if my current shocks/struts are old and tired, the springs are working overtime.

    So I'm keeping an eye out for a good price on the Bullitt kit, but that C-spring w/Mach 1 shocks/struts doesn't sound too bad either. I think I'll just go with the Bullitt kit though, because all parts are pre-matched to work together and the Bullitt always gets good suspension reviews in the mags. :nice:
  6. Hey how you doing, I think I remember you (or your car at least). You guys should come back, we desperately need more mustang guys over there :flag:
  7. need more pics
  8. Heres a few of mine with 16"s and 18"s. I have 17"s now but its in need of some body repair right now so I cant get pics. Hope these help you out.

    BTW...I have never regretted buying this kit. I still enjoy it and I installed it 2 years ago.

    16" Wheels I

    16" Wheels II

    18" Wheels I

    18" Wheels II

    18" Wheels III
  9. for the money wouldn't it just be easier to go with a coil over setup? i know you don't get the sway bars but...if you ever plan on doing a tq arm set up everyone recomends you get a small front sway bar and alittle bit stiffer rear. So with this kit you would just have to go back and redo everything.
  10. I did alot of reseach trying to put Bullitt and/or Mach 1 suspension on my 90 lx 5.0. They were on sale @ http://www.fordpartsnetwork.com I learned it wasnt going to be optimum.
    I later found http://mustangracing.mrt-direct.com
    Scott Hoag headed up the Bullitt and Mach 1 program for Ford. He left Ford
    and started MRT. He sells the MRT street springs that are improvements from Bullitt which was lowered 3/4" from GT. THese springs lower 1-1/4". You dont want to go much lower. Then add Tokico Blues all around. Also the lighter spring rate in the back is to enjoy daily driving while still greatly improve handling. These are much better than the Ford "B" or "C" springs
  11. Good info to know. I started this thread over a year ago and decided to go with the Bullitt kit a few months later. However, the Bullitt kit was on backorder for a long time, so I decided to go another route.

    I've got a little more than half of the MM Road & Track Kit and couldn't be happier. Spring rates are high, but with Bilsteins daily driving is fine. Now I need a motor to keep up with my suspension. :) This summer, I'll be the rear end all done with the MM torque arm and panhard bar and whatever else I don't have from the package.

    I'm lowered about 1.4 inches and the rear now has the same gap as the front. I'm glad I changed my mind for a more agressive setup.
  12. If your shocks and struts are in alright cond., just get c springs for $109 and be done with it. Don't use the isolators in the front but keep them in the rear and it will look good and feel good.
  13. You mean 01 Bullitt, it have 3/4 " drop then 99+ GT, blisten shocks
  14. anyone got any more pics? most dont even show up anymore