Bullitt Value?

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  1. I am thinking of letting my 2008 Bullit go, it has about 12, 900 miles on it and it is still extremely fresh. I am just too lazy to drive the car and want to get another Mustang wtih an automatic. If I had the space I would keep the Bullitt, and just get another car but no space is available. I very much like this car, it has zero issues and is great to drive but being over 60, and having some health issues, driving a stick can be a bit of a chore for me. I want a Mustang I can drive all the time and enjoy it while I can. The car is 100% stock.

    I have had the car for coming onto two years, and it came from Carolina so it has never seen snow, maybe not even rain. I got it from a collector that sold off all his cars due to illness. I have ALL the papers (lot of pepers) on it window sticker, hang tags and even the papers used to negotiate the original order from the original buyer.

    I wonder if the car is still worth around 21,000?


  2. I believe he said HE is having some health issues, not the car :confused:
  3. The car has not one issue, I have fibromyalgia, thus I am in pain 24/7, so the shifting makes things a little more difficult.

    Car has passed the emissions test here in Arizona, why wouldn't it?

    $17000. sounds low to me.
  4. Sparx, sorry to hear of your health issues. I have family with fibromyalgia, try acupuncture, it helps big time
  5. Thanks Madspeed, well I have had it since 1976, diagnosed in 1991. I have tried acupuncture, it does help some but anything you throw at it is a temp fix.
  6. I ran it through KBB, and they came up with $21,300 for a PRIVATE SALE.
    That is good news. My car is excellent and with all the papers and stuff for someone that is a car nut it should sell for a decent amount.

    This getting old crap really puts a dent in one's hobbies. Oh, well I know of too many friends in my age group that have worse issues. :(
  7. Yep....old sucks.

    We just sold our '11 GT/CS manual 6 speed Coupe and picked up an '08 Gt Vert auto with 17,300 miles. Wife has fibromyalgia and arthritis so the manual was an issue for her. I have a left knee that comes and goes.... The auto vert is great....we gave right at a dollar a mile. Our plans were to watch for a deal and one came buy a week after we sold the '11.

    I see no reason why you should have much issue selling yours for the value you find. Just hold for the right buyer.
  8. $21K is about right to a bit low. The Bullitt's hold their value fairly well. I paid $21K for an 08' Bullitt with 42k miles on it just over 1 year ago..........but it had a bunch of upgrades along with all of the stock parts so it could be put back to stock if need be. I also think I got a good deal on the car as it belonged to a friend of mine who bought it new, and I helped do all of the mods, so I knew the car intimately. Picture it lowered 1.5" and tint the windows then add some Enkei wheels, pretty bad ass look.
  9. Sorry if I didn't read carefully. It was all bunched into one sentence so I was just thinking about the car. 17k does seem low, but you have to find the right buyer. I just looked on ebay and saw a bullitt with 111,000k miles on it and trying to sell for 22,500. Sell it privately and you're good to go.
  10. Yeah, I really hate to let it go, wish I had more garage space I would just get another with a 5.0 and auto. But, no room. Darn car is super clean, got it from a guy that had 25 mustangs, had to quit driving due to Alzheimer's. He sure took care of it very well, doubt he ever drove it in the rain.