Bullitt bullitt?!

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  1. hey guys, my girl and i picked up a new stang. it is decked out like a GT. it is a 2001 black GT but when the VIN is ran through the insurance company, they call it a GT/Bullitt. it has the bullitt wheels/tires but with GT badges on it. it has no sticker inside the engine bay and the bullitt decal is not there either on the rear bumper. i am trying to figure out which is it. for insurance reasons, i want to know LOL! they are charging me a little more for this car cuz it ran as a bullitt through their system. can any of u guys help me out? i try a bunch of VIN decoders but none are working right. i am trying to find out if this is a bullitt or a GT so i can call the company back up and figure it out. (the VIN's dont lie unless it is a fake LOL!). if u can help, shoot me a PM and ill give u the VIN to decode. i tried all the decoder websites and they wont run the VIN right (gives me errors). thanks guys!

  2. one other thing to add, i got a bullitt VIN and ran it through a VIN decoder and it brings it up as a GT as well. im trying to figure this out LOL! i want to know whats up with the VIN and why my insurance company calls it a bullitt when it looks like a GT!
  3. Easiest way to tell if it's a Bullitt is to pop the hood the Bullitt intake is a dead giveaway, if it ain't there it's a GT.
  4. i talked with the insurance company and they said that the insurance premiums didnt change between a bullitt or GT. it is how they have it in their computer.

    so in the end, i have a GT! LOL! its all good, i like it anyways
  5. A friend has a similar issue with his insurance they show his 90 GT as a Cobra and we all know The Cobra didn't return until 93 but try and convince them of that.
  6. You cannot tell a Bullitt by the VIN #. They all have hologram stickers on the shock tower for their specific indentity. If that is missing, you can check under the driver's side passenger seat underneath the carpet there for the 2nd hidden sticker. If it is not there, it is not a Bullitt. Does it have the red calipers with the running ponies on the front calipers also? Having the Bullitt intake is another giveaway....
    How about the Bullitt kick plates? The retro seat stitching and the different C-pillars and the blackend corral around the running pony in the grill is another Bullitt feature.

    My insurance insures my Bullitt as a GT(as they are a GT with the Bullitt package.) If I total it out, I guess I get the GT price and not Bullitt. :rolleyes:
  7. They only made bullitt's in blue, green, and black, right? There is some dude at my school that has a white gt with bullitt badges all over it, I havent talked to him, but people say he sweares it is a bullitt.
  8. Make him pop his hood, badges and side scoops are cheap compared to the intake if it's real.

    And yes True Blue, Dark Highland Green, and Black were the only options. Unless he's painted it.
  9. Yeah, thats what I thought, ill try to talk to him about it, it would be stupid for anyone to fork out $1200 dollars for the advertised 10 more hp.

    Thanks for the info.
  10. <------- Check "My Garage" for photos

    Bullitt production count by color....... not exact but real close except for black
    700 True Blue
    1806 Black (fastest color) :D
    3200 Highland Green

    Check out this link for more Bullitt info http://www.stangnet.com/bullitt/indexpage1.htm
  11. The Bullitt was only 5HP more. I know it's not much, but there were other differences that separated it from a GT. Like the Tokico Shock & Springs, The Cobra style seats, & Brakes. Frame Rail Connectors, Mildly underdriven Pullies & don't forget the intake. The Changes were few but are significant. Especially if you drove a GT and a Bullitt back to back.

    I have seen quite a few cars that have Bullitt decals on them. Heck I've even seen a Dark Highland Green Ranger 4x2 with the Bullitt decal in back & a set of 17 Torq Thrust wheels on it.
  12. Did you guys see the test between the new mach 1 and the bullitt and the 01 cobra? This was in the 5.0 mustang mag, and the bullitt beat the cobra in almost every category by a considerable amount. Makes me want to get a bullitt!

  13. I have seen dyno numbers more in 10-15hp above the standard GT 4.6

    Quote from http://www.stangnet.com/bullitt/indexpage1.htm

    "The heart of Bullitt GT is a 4.6L SOHC V-8 modified to improve airflow and reduce parasitic loses. It produces at least 270 horsepower and significantly more torque than the Mustang GT engine. Modifications include:

    Twin 57mm bore throttle body
    Cast aluminum intake manifold
    High flow mufflers for increased power and aggressive performance sound
    Optimized alternator and pump pulley ratios"
  14. Yes I have a copy :nice: