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  1. Anyone notice a slight bump from the auto tranny as you come to a stop? The bumps vary from none to noticeable...only as I am coming to a stop. I think it's the tranny downshifting into a lower gear but not sure.
  2. BTW it's a 2012 V6 Premium...
  3. I would inquire with a dealer. There's been some issues with the transmissions in the new Mustangs, enough so that the NHTSA is investigating. If nothing more, it gets a complaint documented, so if something is wrong, there's an established history. It could be nothing, but why not check it out since it's a new car?
  4. Hi OkieHick!

    Without hearing the noise, I'd only be guessing if it is normal. Since you are a bit concerned, I recommend having your dealer test drive your Mustang to confirm that everything is functioning correctly. And you know I'm here to help if needed. :)

  5. My 05 stang always seems to lunge as it slows down. Usually around the 5-0mph range as it's down shifting. I think my foot automatically releases some pressure from the brake to smooth it out, lol.
  6. "Lunge" is a better word...it's not a noise. My 93 Ranger does it also but to a lesser extent. I'm not really concerned with it: it's downshifting.

    I had a 94 Taurus that started lunging enough to kinda launch my into an intersection if I didn't have the brake on. That turned out to be a $1500 tranny repair bill. Since that incident I've been leary of lunges of any kind!