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  1. yeah as i was saying earlier, i had not had any wrecks and what not, well the streak is over. I hit a racoon or somethin last night when i was goin down the road and the paint got chipped off, clear coat cracked like a piece of glass, and i got a crack in it, you guys think a body shop will be able to take care of this or should i get a new bumper cover? :bang:


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  2. i dunno why the colors are messed up, on the picture, it wasn't that way before i uploaded it...
  3. You sure that wasn't a deer?
  4. I was in the same boat with you. Consider yourself lucky though.....my original bumper got damaged by a jerk in a suburban. That got replaced by a Stalker front end.......which got a raccoon. It shattered the front out.....the center section/lowest area. I had a 2x6 (approx.) chunk knocked out.

    I would think that any self-respecting body shop could sand that down and paint it back to original
  5. i got an estimate, $375, should i go with that or just try to get the insurance to get me a new bumper?
  6. Depends on what your deductable is. If your insurance has a higher deductable then 300 bucks I wouldn't go through them. It's cheeper just to search for a whole new front bumper on ebay. I've been watching and they go for about 300 or so. Probably be a good deal if you could find one allready painted in your color.

    Did a quick search of the net and also found these. http://secure.50resto.com/category.cfm?SID=1&Category_ID=1100
    You would still have to get that painted to match your car. But you'd have a whole new front end and could change the look of your car if you wanted to with some of the other styles they offer. Look around online. there's lots of places to get replacement front bumpers. Also look around the other forms for someone selling their front bumper because they did a body kit and don't need their stock bumper cover any more. There's got to be someone out there that can get you something for less then the cost to fix the one you have.