Bumper Guards

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by crushnut, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. How different are the bumper guards for the 65/66 compared to the ones for 67/68, mainly the front ones. Could i use the earlier ones on my 68? Is it more hassle than its worth, or should i just get the ones for 67/68?

  2. If you mean the two " bumperettes" that run vertically from the bumper to the valance, no it won't work. The 65-6 version is longer, and the lower mounting tab is offset, and totally different from the 67-8 version.
  3. Ok thanks, thats what i wanted to know.
  4. In your guys opinions which looks better, the guards that are nice and smooth, or the ones with the holes in them for the little rubber strip, that runs from the top to the bottom. Do those little rubber strips actually do any good?
  5. No opinions :shrug:
  6. I, honestly do not even know the difference between ones with holes and without. I have only seen the ones without so I really have no opinion. Sorry :shrug:
  7. hmmm.... ok, i didn't see them in any of the pictures of your car on here :shrug: I'll just probably get the chrome ones without the rubber strip.