Bumper replacements, the good, the bad...

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  1. Hello, I'm looking to replace my front and rear bumpers on my 66 Mustang and I am looking for any advice anyone can give me. Where did you buy yours, did you like them. Would you tell others to buy them? ect. I would rather pay more and get something that is better quality.

    Thanks for your help.

    Peter S.
  2. If your cores are in decent shape, you can have them repaired and rechromed to stay wth the original equipment.
  3. I bought mine from NPD and they were advertised as "The Best" I couldn't imagine a worse chrome job if I tried. I've worked in a chrome shop before and never in my life have I seen worse chrome. They are rough, have ragged, sharp edges and it's VERY obvious they have never seen a buffer prior to being plated. By comparision, about 20 years ago I bought some el cheapo repro bumpers for the '65 fastback I had at the time and they were MUCH better than these. When I have the money I plan to have these re-plated since at least they fit.