Bunch of Axle Housing Interchange Qs ??

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  1. Will 94-98 Axle housings interchange with 87-93s ??

    What housings have Quadshocks ??

    Do all 4/6 cylinder Stangs have (4) Lug rearends ??

    What is/are the axle codes for 3.73s ??

    What model 4/6 Stangs have Rear disc brakes ??
  2. Anyone ?? :shrug:
  3. I know the SVO's had rear disc brake, and I believe they were 5-lug but Im not sure if that was all years.....sorry i cant be more help
  4. I believe the sn95 stuff is 3/4" wider on each side like the turbo coupe and 93 cobra rears are.
  5. What model SN95s have rear disc brakes and quadshocks ?
  6. All the SN95 stangs had 5 lug, 4 wheel disc brakes all around, if i'm not mistaken. The GT's are just bigger.
  7. What exactly are you looking for, then I can tell you where to look. All 79-93 stangs(but SVO&cobra R) were 4 lug. The only 4 lug rear disk brakes were 93 cobra and 87-88 Turbocoupe.
    5 lug rear disc is best from Lincoln Mark 7 and the 94-98 stangs.

    Ok, 94-98 Stangs:same width housing with .75 PER SIDE longer axles and 5 lug
    V6 had a 7.5 rear end with out quads and solid(small) rear rotors
    GT had an 8.8 rear with quads, same small solid rear disk
    Cobra is the same housing as GT but larger vented rotors, same calipers as both above
    99+ stangs should have the same housings and brakes but have longer(maybe1.25" per side) axles
  8. false 99+ had wider housings

  9. Good, now add something useful :flame:
  10. Hotrod88 thanks for the good info.

    heres my useful add:
    All V8 Mustangs used a 7.5 in. Rear thru 1985, 1986-93 V8 Mustangs used a 8.8 in

    In 84-93 'stangs
    W is the code for 3.73 posi. 6 is the code for 3.73 limited slip.
  11. I was given a 96 V6 Mustang 7.5" rear with 3.73:1 traction lock. The housing is the same but the axles are 3/4" wider apparently to make room for the anti-lock disc brake exciter rings.

    If I can get all the parts to reinstall the discs back on I will but if not then I will transfer over my 9" rear drum and 4 lug axles.

    Also check here.


    They make a bracket that replaces the stock SN95 rear caliper bracket and relocates the rear caliper so you can run the Cobra rear vented rotor. Uses stock GT rear caliper but you need the thinner Cobra brake pads.
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  14. Anyone know if 5.0 Stang axles will swap in a 88 TC housing ??