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    I have a BUNCH of my personal PARTS from my days of planing on building two cars, one track and the other hot street.


    I have decided to just focus on my one street car so i'm selling a lot of my parts that were going on my track car. This list of parts is so diverse that I thought it best that I just post up a one page listing them all where anyone interested could just find what they need there. You can contact me and I will provide more specifics on each item. In addition, I will give a link to photo bucket where I have some pic of the items if you want to go there to see if you can use anything on your projects.

    Feel free to call me, text me, or PM meon here if you have question, at (954) 290-1447 cell. Texting is the fastest way to get me.

    Dwayne White

    * Eibach Rear Spring set - used because they were installed on the car but nice like new! p/n 9310.002L & 9310.002R: $120. for set.

    * Eibach Front matching set. $120.00

    * Upper Control Arm, set, adjustable, solid bushings, D&D Motorsports $185.00 New! NIB

    * Tubular A-arms with ball joints kit, D&D Motorsports $185.00 New! NIB

    * K-Member Tubular D&D Motorsports $299.00 New! NIB SOLD

    * Coilover Spring Kit, w/blue springs black covers, D&D Motorsports $160.00 New! NIB

    * Flaming River Manual Rack & Pinion p/n FR1503 $195.00 New!

    *Flaming River Steering Shaft p/n 1504M $160.00 New! NIB SOLD

    * Spindles, Front set, 1996 SN95 for conversion to disc, p/n's F6Z-7&8AA USED but very Nice looking. $150.00 set. Painted FORD Blue

    Hubs/ bearing, front set, from 1998 SN95, very good set, USED. $65.00

    * Anti-Roll Bar Launch Bar for the rear setup, weld-in setup $159.99 New! NIB SOLD

    Link to view all pics of parts:

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  2. Pics of coil overs???
  3. Pics of everything.... Posted in thread per forum guidelines.

  4. Will you ship coilovers to the uk?
  5. Sorry Dave for the delayed response. I don't get to the computer as often as I'd like. I'm used to people calling me for inquiries on parts.

    I will ship the parts to the UK if you pay for them through a verified Paypal account, cover their 3% charge and pay for the shipping to the UK.

    LMK. Best to email me. [email protected] I get this on my phone.

    Thanks Dave.
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