Buncha Stupid Fuel System Questions


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Jul 13, 2005
Granger, IA
Well I can't take it any more, i gotta go get the stang outta storage and do some stuff to it. I got some 2001 Black Leather Seats (so cheap I couldn't pass them up) to go in her and am looking for some other things for her. Problem is I have a cowl gauge to measure fuel pressure and it only reads a little above 20psi, so I need to narrow down the problem so I can get it fixed. It is hooked to the shrader valve btw.

The car will rev fine, but when it's in gear, under load it seems to hesitate. Adjusting the adjustable fpr doesn't help at all either, it's as high as the pressure in it will allow.

I have a 255lph fuel pump already, not installed yet, waiting for my future performance mods, but I just want it to run with the stock one right now if I can. I was suspecting maybe a weak fuel pump, but the car ran fine before I did the ported heads and explorer intake.

I'm wondering if maybe I damaged the injectors when I replaced the filter basket things and the pintle caps on them.

What procedure would you guys go about in order to find the problem?

I also don't have a place to do the fuel pump myself, so how much would it cost to get the new one put in if it is indeed the problem? I am more than capable of pullin the intake in my parking lot and replacing the injectors or anything else tho.
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Mar 31, 2005
Lehigh Valley, PA
if you can handle changing an intake, then a fuel pump change is a walk in the park... its 2 bolts, 2 fuel lines, a filler neck, and the wiring harness plug... shouldnt take more than an hour...
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