Burning Coolant

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water leaking into 98 4.6 engine

  1. bad intake

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  2. bad head gaskets

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  1. i have a 1998 gt 4.6 mustang and sometimes when started white smoke comes out .i think its burning coolant but not sure where its burning from intake or heads .i have heard ford had problems with the intakes .and what to know if can install a later after market onto the 98 heads or engine ,thaks walter
  2. It isn't coolant (I know it "looks" white). Your valve seals are leaking. This is common for these motors. Mine leaked as well.
  3. How common, cause my 10000 mile motor does it?
  4. im afraid it is because im losing coolant and this car has only 64000 miles on it
  5. i notice when it got colder like 29 it got worse then after it ran 10 minutes or so it straiten up .like running 6 cylinders never did that before .
  6. There's really not enough information here to determine what's going on. If you pull the radiator cap, can you see any bubbles coming up through the radiator? That's a sure sign of a bad HG.

    Pull the plugs, are any of them particularly clean? If so, that cylinder may be the issue as water tends to steam clean the cylinders.
    Then, run a compression test.
  7. I will do this but i also need to know if i can use a 99 intake on my 98 motor an if so what else do i need ?thanks walter
  8. Or, yeah, just ignore any testing and throw parts at it. Your money.
    Yes, the PI(99-04 mustang) intake can be bolted on. Use PI gaskets and you'll have to put a couple of dabs of silicon in a key spot to seal correctly. You'll get a nice ~15hp bump in power to boot. Do a search and you'll find hundreds of write ups.
  10. no its just i have had 5 back operations and sometimes its hard for me to reason things out .i have no one here to help me . this is a nice looking car and im just trying compile as much advice as i can .i know theres alot of wise people out there that can advise me.and its not that i wont test things out.walter