Bushings on subframe

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  1. Hey guys,

    Has anyone replaced the bushing on the subframe area that the strut arms attach to. I'm not talking about the strut rod bushings but the 4 bushings that attach it to the frame rail. No one makes them I have an idea what to do just want to see what other ideas there are.

  2. There is no direct replacement available. These were crimped to the subframe part and never offered separately. Take a look at this thread It's mainly about the AOD install but it also covered replacing those bushings and what was done to replace them.

    Mustang II Network Forums - Project AOD Update (It's on the road!)

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  3. Thanks for the info and that is exactly what I did as well. kinda funny.
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  4. Got to make do when the real parts are not around. I've got over 3K miles on it since I did the work with no problems at all.