Busy day at the shop!

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  1. Well, 'twas a busy day at the auto hobby shop. Installed the cobra brake kit, no problems and the stopping power is way better than before. The red calipers and 13" rotors look absolutely illin'. Also installed the MAC offroad H-pipe. WOW, going from a catted X-pipe to an O/R H-pipe is amazing. It actually sounds like a muscle car now. I think I popped an immediate boner. Tomorrow, Eibach Pro-kit, shocks and struts on the way. What a hell of a way to spend a weekend!
  2. Great progress man! Get pics!
  3. What is so much better about the cobra brakes than the regular GT ones? I think my accord has better brakes than the mustang.

    I have been screwing around in my garage for the past few days as I have time and still have to put the MAC h pipe in (cat-less). Need to get some more penetrating fluid first. Should be a big improvement...
  4. cobra brakes are dual piston, our stockers are single

    cobra brakes use a 13" rotor, stock is 11" something

    they look 1000X better behind aftermarket wheels
  5. I think you would be correct
  6. ahhh who want to stop anyways lol....stock brakes always work for me lol..less money i got to spend and if i wreck it ...insurance money for more mods lol
  7. :nonono: