If you're the village idiot what's that make me?
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Nov 29, 1999
And the stupid shifter, and the deleted wiper motor, and.....

The more I look at it, the more I agree with @2000xp8. ( which is happening a lot lately...talk about bizarro world) ;)
I think the guys floating the car to see if he’ll find the right fish to bite his worm.. :eek: A lot of the build looks like race car, but it doesn’t carry through when it’s time to get serious about racing it. ( That’s why I think the guy has added all of that sht for bragging rights..he did it for f&f crowd pleasing points).
And, It probably either doesn’t run right, or the thing scares him.
I wouldn’t mind the challenge of making this street car friendly . First thing beside the fender would be getting rid of all the autometers especially all the data on the Holley dash. I wouldn’t want to pay premium price though given what’s missing . A month and a few bucks this could be a different car totally .
Mine must be pretty race car by everyone’s standards then . No wipers ( yes I left the motor and arms they’ll never be removed ). Stupid shifter . No a/c. Manual valve body .
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Aug 8, 2003
I think that was the other one with the aluminator and sequential trans.
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