Buyer beware: My experience...

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  1. Yeah, that's what I thought! I had the page saved in my favorites and I don't remember it being there before.
  2. Yeah he was definitely referring to the edu from the start. What a joke though. Great way to do business.
  3. Wow. Noted. Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience like that, Dan. You should send them the links to all of these pages in a few weeks. I really don't understand how anybody could respond to a customer like that, knowing full well that the internet exists and they are simply throwing away their online credit by not having interpersonal skills.

    I will NOT buy from this company. I don't care how low their prices are.
  4. I'll never buy anything else from them. Unfortunately, they got some of my money in the first place. From now on, I'll be finding a vendor who will do price matching, like does. In fact, I may very well stick with Summit and tell these guys why they'll never earn another penny of mine.
  5. Yes, Summit FTW! Never had any issues with them.
  6. there ought to be a way to shut them down, hopefully enough people will read this thread and others like it to cripple their sales and force them into bankruptcy...
  7. It's good to see I was able to give a heads up to a few of you guys, I am just thankful I didn't have a serious issue. All I need are a couple bolts, but I could only imagine the fun one could have dealing with them if you had a serious issue such as bad parts or not receiving your parts

    This is why the internet, and forums, are so powerful of a tool for us enthusiasts :SNSign:
  8. Count me as one more lost customer. There's too many other outlets to buy FRP parts from to have to deal with that.

    In my younger days I could think of lots of ways to respond to people like that...but I'm more mature now (although it's still fun to dream about).:D
  9. who are they hiring over there?
  10. I was going to order some parts and so were a few friends but thanks for posting this seems as if you possibly saved us from any future customer "service" issues. That guy seems like a real winner...Let's see how long they survive in this economy unless things change. Why not go up the latter and speak with the company owner or if that is him then i'm very sorry for him...well, maybe not him but his family if he has one.
  11. In my o, the guy from BuyFordRacing is the @#$%ing idiot. :notnice: We all know Rio to be a responsible and knowledgeable guy.

    What about customers that don't know all the answers?? Are YOU as a customer supposed to GUESS the right question to ask!!?? :mad: Give me a break! They are the experienced ones, its on them in my O it is BYEFordRacing's responsibility at the very least as a courtesy to:

    #1 Inform the customer of potential issues with their product.
    #2 PROPERLY LABEL their product if it is missing NECESSARY parts.
    #3 Not be BUTT-HOLES when you are having issues.
    #4 They can count me OUT on buying the cobra rears from them now. I can't believe this but I literally had my finger on the button to buy them too! Go figure..:shrug:

    p.s. Any suggestions on where to get Cobra rears appreciated.
  12. This is how I feel about IST
  13. I have heard nothing but good about Steve at Tousley Ford. One guy, when reading my thread about this over on svtp, said he gets great prices from Steve and he is a stand up guy, even has his own forum on svtp.

    Tousley Ford Parts Depot :nice:
  14. I was a click away from purchasing the 16 thousand dollar gt500 crate motor from, but after seeing this thread I certainly won't be. They probably build their motors with legos.
  15. :lol:i miss playing with my legos....

    that really sucks Dan. At least everything worked out for you in the end. here's another potential customer lost.
  16. Btw, I was kidding about that motor. But the lego thing is true. :jester:
  17. Well I can say that I was a customer of theirs in the past, but no more...

    Now on the other hand, why would you expect the banjo bolts that should come with the lines to have come with the calipers???

    Also BTW, when i was installing my conbras (bought through BuyFordRacing BTW) with lines.. I had one banjo bolt break immediately on install, bought another at Napa for under $1...
  18. Wow! I've bought parts from them.
    What an incredibly dumb move for their customer support to make.
    Thank goodness there is plenty of OTHER FRPP parts dealers out there.
    BFR will no longer get my business.
  19. I don't see anything different from the last time I visited that page.:shrug: