Buyer beware: My experience...

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  1. I crossed them off my list when had his problems with them. Seems they have not changed one bit. They will stay black balled and Summit price match FTW.
  2. Alright, a little over a month is long enough to be a sticky. This thread has had 716 views, as of this post, so the word has gotten out about these guys...
  3. So let me get this right..aside from the terrible service and attitude, they are NOT refunding you your money?
  4. Im going to give it another day or two. I know that it sometimes takes a little bit of time to process. If I don't see a refund by Thursday, Im going to contact my bank.
  5. I posted in your thread, good luck and I hope everything works out. In the end, you will be yet another member of the ever-growing group of mustang owners who should do everything they can to turn business away from buyfordracing.
  6. I bought another set of gears from them since dan posted this thread. No issues but still does not seem as though their customer service has improved if there are problems
  7. What an idiot , i manage a parts store and that guy wouldn't last a day in a face to face store. Sorry to hear that but i will spread the word. I have always bought from Summit and never had any problems. They usually have the lowest prices and quickest free shipping. I always try to handle irate customers that come into my store with respect , even if i know they are wrong or it is there fault (not saying that in your case you were). You should call them and get an e-mail to a manager and send a copy to him. I guaruantee he will be TERMINATED!
  8. In one of the other threads, someone finally talked to someone who claimed to be the owner of the store. He said that the phone reps are trained to be abrasive on purpose, and he didn't care if the Mustang owner had a hard time. Some folks will get money any way they can. :(
  9. Maybe they should change their name to "We are" :shrug:
  10. Poor customer service experiences seem to be more frequent with this vendor. Sounds like an unfortunate situation for those who have had problems with their orders and needed to contact them for customer service issues. :(
  11. :rlaugh: New slogan "We have the best prices on the web, if something goes wrong F*** YOU!!!!! Its that simple :rlaugh:
  12. Bought from them in the past but never again