BUYER BEWARE!!! Radiator at Autozone

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  1. I am recently in the market for a radiator upgrade. I recently purchased a two-core replacement from Advance Auto that I discovered does not cool that good in stop and go traffic. I decided to do a search on Stangnet and found that many guys have had great luck with the radiator at Autozone that is a three core for $160.00. I also found that this is the same radiator that advance sells made by Go Dan Transpro) PN 433138. Ironically I found an article from Fordmuscle that tested this same radiator and found it to be much better than stock.

    I then called Advance and got them to return my two core for the three core and I would pay the difference. Yesterday, I went to get my new three-core radiator and I opened the box and it was not a three core. The dimensions on the Advance Auto parts computer showed a three core and listed it at 2" wide. This one was only 1 1/4 wide and was definitely a two core. But the part number matched the three core 433138. The counter guy called Go Dan and asked why the radiator was not a three core as listed. Go Dan explained that they no longer make a three core and that is a heavy-duty radiator because they added more cooling fins per inch. I was astounded. The stock replacement radiator and the new radiator were identical except for a few extra fins. And they are still advertising them as three row. So the nice guy at Advance gave me my money back and I am now in the process of deciding what radiator I will buy.:shrug:

    I have realized that many companies are sacrificing quality to save money in today’s tough economy. I think this type of cost saves will hurt Go Dan in the long run. I wonder what all these guys on this site that have bought the true three core radiators will do when they eventually rot out and they go to Autozone for a replacement under warranty? They will go to Autozone for a replacement and they will get a two-core replacement for their three core. This is not right. :nono:
  2. I bought one at advanced auto and started leaking a month after the warranty was up. I got a 3 core one off ebay for about the same price, it has been great.
  3. I bought the Ford Racing Cobra Radiator I have only had it a year at it developed a leak in the middle of the radiator. No warrenty.
  4. UPR sells northern alum radiators from their tractor trailer trucks at the park. For 225, you get a nice very thick aluminum 3 core radiator with a billet filler neck for 225. That is the same price as autozones 3 core brass setup. Keep your eye out at the track. my car runs very very cool and have had no complaints.
  5. I bought a radiator from Advance and my e-fan ate a hole in it. So they replaced it even though it was my fault and the new one works great :shrug:

    He did say they just switched companies though.
  6. I went through O'reilly and got the 3 core for the 160.00 price. Its a 3 core and is working great with my e-fan and DCC. Maybe try a different parts store.
  7. I got a Cherokee radiator from a rad shop that was newly reonditioned. The customer I sold it to said it made his truck overheat!! I was tired of the hassel, so I just agreed to let him return it. I get it back and check it out....I look down the opening where the lower radiator hose is....I pulled out two red shop rags!!! Where did that come from??? WOW!!
  8. :D
    My point to writing about this is to make guys aware of this.:D Many people have already purchased radiators from Autozone and they were three core. But if you go to buy one today it will be a 2 core even though their computer says its a 3 core. Unless it is old stock it may be a three core.

    Go Dan (Transpro) is one of the biggest manufacturer of radiators for parts store across the U.S. and they are selling 2 core radiators and listing them as 3 core.:notnice: Just be careful if you buy a three core from a parts store because it may not actually have 3 cores.

  9. dude- GDI 433138, 3 core copper/brass unit fopr $160 shipped.

    LAter Ant
  10. oh its a solid 2 inches..... i bought it in place of my fluidyen while its getting repaired. :)
  11. I got the 3-core Autozone rad'. It's WAY thicker than the stocker I replaced. Only problem I've ever had with it was the flange of the neck where the cap twists on was slightly bent so that it seeped a little bit of fluid. I just bent it back slightly by hand and haven't dribbled a drop ever since. Cools nicely, even in 100*+ desert heat.

    Not trying to refute the original poster's claim, just saying I must've gotten lucky by getting mine when I did before they changed over to the crap version. This sorta crap happens a lot with aftermarket parts companies - they get cheap and try to think their junk replacement version for the same application will work just as well, but will charge the same amount as the quality stuff it replaced.
  12. That sucks for me because I have that 3 row in the 90 and the 68.
  14. :shrug: Yesterday I had a local parts vendor get me a three core radiator. The parts store is AutoValue and he said the radiator was made by Transpro. I said are you sure it is a three core. He said yes so I had him order it. It cam in in the afternoon and guess what. Same 2 core junk that Advance Auto. Do not be fooled buy parts vendors who's parts listing shows a three core because if it is made by GDI it is not.

    BocSez got a three core at Orieleys. I checked into it and found Orieleys sells Proaliance three core for 183.99. This looks to be an actual three core. It is the same one Summit sells for 179.99.

    Stay away from Autozone, Advance, and any parts vendor that sells GDI (Transpro) HD radiators because they are no longer three core. If you want a stock replacement two core then GDI is probably ok.

    I myself just bought an aluminum one from ebay for 230.00 shipped. The radiator is tig welded and a direct fit. The builder is 35miles away located in Mt Clemens and does good work.
  15. Never had any problems out of my Afco aluminum radiators.....

    I did have the 2 row one from advance auto in my s/c 93 and it actually cooled it perfectly. It never got over 185* even when it was 95 degrees outside. The same car put over 460hp to the tires as well. Maybe I just got lucky.....
  16. Guys~

    I bought mine GDI p/n# 433138, 3 core from Rockauto 2 weeks ago, GDI stickers and all on it for $160 shipped to NYC. Trust me its a GDI, Maybe rockauto had one of the old ones in stock-But its 3 core. Simple-Take a peek inside the rad and look for 3 tubes aligned togeheter that is how-You can tell its a 3 core. Plus-It will be exactlky 2 inches wide all the way to the tanks.
    But all this is irrleevant to me, Because-Im not keepinng in the stang permanenetly, Its only there until the Fluidyne gets repaired in a week.

    Later Anthony

    P.S. Look on the side of the rad, where the cap goes-There should be a sticker stating GDI indusries.
  17. You must have recieved an old stock radiator. If it is the older one than from what I hear is they are very good.
  18. just ordered the 433138 made by ready-rad/transpro from oreilly's and its a HD TWO CORE ALSO!!! BS!! it had a proliance sticker on the box too?!?
  19. Dude-
    Why not just order it from ROCKAUTO, its $152 and its an oldschool 3 core GDI. I bought one a while ago-while waiting for my Fluidyne to get fixed.

    Later Ant
  20. On my old GDI, It didnt have a porliance sticker, actually GDI 433138 on the side.