Buying 65 289

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  1. wha would be the first thing (inexpensive) you would do
  2. put gas in it and drive it

  3. hahahaha good one man. on a serious note you can maybe do some home porting of the heads and install some headers and an exhaust.
  4. first make sure all the systems are in good working order....brakes, electrical, suspension, rust repair...they ALL have rust.

    then, once you know its solid... subframe connectors, shelby drop, intake/exhaust for starters.
  5. let us know what your looking for. what does it have? How much do you have to spend? Is it going to be your daily driver? The more you explain about the car and your expectations you're going to get some lengthy answers. Is it a rust car? that would be more trouble than it's worth. You dont want to put to much into that that you cant ever get out $$$
  6. well i need to find oene first
    i got maybe a total of 3500 to be my to and from school (high)
  7. Understand that a six cylinder car has lighter components than an eight cylinder car. We've discussed this swap MANY times and it is generally (but not totally) agreed that it is NOT worth the expense or time, especially for someone who doesn't have experience, skill or the money to compete the project.

    If you insist, your first step should be to prepare the car as mentioned previously. Most old Mustangs need maintenance and attention to brakes, suspension, springs, tires,cooling, differential and many other systems that will consume most of your $3,500 before you can spit and say "howdy". The only practical way to do the conversion is from a V-8 donor car. And we haven't even begun to talk about the engine. If you are going to do this car as you can afford it, it may be a LONG time before it sees the road especially if you have other demands on your time. Simply buying a decent V-8 car will speed up this process tremendously.

    Sure it can and has been done BUT, are you ready? See the "Timeless Wisdoms" (below). They are meant for your guidance.
  8. If i had a just about stock v-8 vehicle and I wanted an inexpensive performance mod, I would put nice big gears in the rear. Nothing else you can do for that small an amount of money will produce such noticeable results.

    Just my opinion experience has been that often times 30 year old, heck even 20 year old engines have lost some power over the years, particularly noticeable in the low rpm performance. But, the mid to upper range still performs pretty good. And by putting bigger gears in the rear, you get to those higher rpm's much faster. Of course I wouldn't want to frequently explore the more strataspheric rpm's in an engine that old....

    A good shift kit would be another inexpensive yet noticeable thing to do right around the same time.
  9. Apparently, I didn't understand the question as it was NOT stated clearly. Last time you wrote you were asking about six cylinder cars, blowers, etc. I'll back away and defer to others who can interpret you questions any way that they wish.
  10. oops, i thought he was intending on buying one with a v-8 already in it. :rolleyes:

  11. I don't understand. :shrug: He said he was buying a 65-289. He asked what would be some of the 1st inexpensive things done to it. Seems simple enough.
  12. If the car is in fair running and safe condition, I would get a new exhaust system. Tri-y headers and a new dual 2"1/4~1/2" system. $500? At least the car will sound fast...
  13. .
    oz: I was connecting what the poster has previously written about having six cylinder car with his interest in a '65 289. From is earlier comments I inferred than he NOW wanted to do a six/V-8 swap hence his most his recent question.

    As I've said, I'll stay out off it because I apparently misinterpreted the question. :nice:
  14. ok just to clerify things dont takt none of that 6 cylinder stuff into this. I have found a 65 with a 289 not a 6 cylinder
  15. best bet is a cam... (for the engine) but thats not easy to do... if youve never done it/dont have a work area/tools (mild/rv will wake up an engine)

    gears are great (so im told - im stuck with 2.8's)
    but your gonna lose some gas mileage on the 65mph + roads

    but first like everybody else said, you wanna make sure everything is up to snuff... brakes, timing, electrical... nothings leaking really bad