Buying A 95 Cobra Need Some Help

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  1. Im buying a 95 cobra either tomorrow or wensday. It needs the harmonic balancer replaced and a 2nd gear syncro and its got around 161, xxx miles. Thats all I know of based off of the craigslist ad. Is there anything else I should look for its my first mustang.

    I included a pic of it too.

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  2. I would pass. A bad balancer could have caused some serious internal issues.
  3. True. But im not sure how long its had it. Or how long/far it was or has been driven with it. I plan on eventually rebuilding the motor to
  4. As long as you are able and prepared for a rebuild. What's the asking price?
  5. He said he'll take 1300.. so I figured it sounded good to me
  6. Can't go wrong there.
  7. Thats what I was thinking. My only concern is its my first time replacing a harmonic balancer so ive researched how to take it off and put it on but im not sure if it has to he timed or anything like that
  8. Pull the dipstick out and look for any shiny specs. Inspect the crank snout and front of block for signs of damage. See if you can bump the motor over to see if it will turn- don't start it. Pull the cap off the radiator and oil and look to see if there is cross contamination. For 1300 you could part that out and make money . Be prepared though to have to tear down the motor.
  9. Well im hoping to not have to tear it down.. atleast not right away.
  10. There is a reason he is selling the car. If it was just a balancer, he could spend $70 and then sell the car for double..but that is just me thinking out loud.
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  11. Well hes got the balancer he is including it with the car
  12. There also is a chance this dude doesnt know what hes just giving away lol
  13. At that price, it's a steel, grab it. The Cobras go for $8k in good condition. Advance Auto rents a whole kit to do the balancer. It's not that hard. Not sure of your level of experience with transmissions, so I can't comment there. At that price you could buy a whole new transmission and it would still be a good deal. I have a Cobra T5 apart on the bench right now. It had a bunch of busted parts. I got $700 of parts used out of a 2001 V6 transmission for $160 on ebay. If it's just a broken blocker ring, those are $22/each on

  14. Thx hurt. Hopefully ill be in jersey early enough to go get it tomorrow. I'm stationed up at ft drum so when I go down to my mothers for leave im gonna go check it out hopefully get it lol
  15. Different color front bumper.
    and the radiator cover is missing.
    make sure it wasnt wrecked.
    look it over well.

    Clean title?
    Check the VIN, make sure its really a cobra.
  16. I concur. No one takes a loss just for the hell of it. But $1300 isn't a bad jumpin off point as long as you have a little extra stashed to get er livin again.

    L I V I N
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  17. Sounds like you've already decided to buy it.
  18. Well wen I get there and actually look at it will he the deciding factor. But is there anything else i should look for thats normally a issue with the 95 cobras?
  19. What is your plan for this car? Fix'r upper? Flip it for profit? Part it out? I would be going into this to use it as a parts car and sell the body of for scrap.

    +1 on checking the vin to be sure it's a real Cobra. Too many people use that term loosely when they simply bolt on a couple Cobra parts on a GT.
  20. If I get it I plan on fixing it up and keeping it. He said all the numbers match ill check when I get there. Where can I go online to get the numbers to make sure its a real cobra