Buying a 95 Cobra what to look for

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  1. So Gentlemen i got her up on the highway today and found out that one all my rubber bushings are worn out so shes pretty squeaky. thats not a big deal ill get a poly bushing kit. but the car sat for a year and im thinking its possible my cats a plugged...this is like i said my 5th stang and this cobra sounds more like a ford pick up truck not a mustang and i really just wanna call it a Slowbra because it has no torque...its not missing it runs smooth just no power. on top of all of that my output bearing is bad the trans hums like crazy especially in 4th gear under acceleration. i hate to say it cause i know these cars well but i think i got beat this time...i paid 5100 after i got him down a bit but now that its home and im driving it i realize i wouldnt have paid the guy 3k for it. so i have some questions if anyone cares to give a listen

    1. sounds like i have a small bird chirping in my guess is pilot or throwout bearing but the clutch is new

    2. why the hell does this thing have the power of a 4 cylinder. (i plan to do plugs wires oil and i have a cold air coming on sunday)

    3. Where can i get a reman transmission cheap?

    4. the guy had 4 other mustangs in his drive way. another 95 Cobra(no engine no trans) an 89 gt (blown head gasket)and a 99 Cobra (spun rod bearing) What im getting at is im thinking this car has like a Lincoln 5.0 in it with a Cobra intake or a ford pickup motor or something because it does not feel or sound like a 5.0 HO it has the Cobra intake and valve covers but i dont know....

    Are there any specific markings on the heads or engine block that would tell me weather it is a cobra motor or not?

    5. if i rebuild my trans what is a good upgrade kit to hold more torque (i wanna go with a blower eventually)

    I know its a ton to read but if someone can shed some light on my situation i wouldnt mind shooting them an AM gift cert. or something if i can pick their brain!!! thanks guys!
  2. Stock tranny will hold a lot depending on what your going to add on. A blower is a bit much for it though. I have 260k miles on my dead stock tranny minus a few clutches.