Buying A 95 Gts Tonight (i Hope).

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  1. Well I got a line from a friend on a great deal I just can't pass up. My son is now 13 years old and wants a project car. He was too young to work on the 94 Vibrant Red. The plan is for him to have this car in a few years. I'll take more pics tonight when it's in my possession.

    It's got 100,000 miles, cold A/C and is currently the owners daily driver.

    First thing's first, I want to put the stock Pony wheels on it and give it little drop, FRPP C-Springs.



  2. looks pretty good for being a stock daily driver.
  3. Much better than my Rio Red stock driver that is six different shades of pink. Congrats!
  4. I will take better pictures tonight. The interior is the cloth the GTS's came with. It does have the wing, kinda bummed about that. Wish it had the stock rims but the guy bought the car like this. I found the 16" Pony / Waffles for $100 on Craigslist so I'll pick these up tomorrow.

    The plan is to keep is mostly stock as this will be my son's car when he can drive. Only Engine mods will be GT40 Tubular Intake (my favorite looking intake), 70MM TB and larger MAF. The car has an exhaust system, I think H-pipe and Flowmasters. Want to get 1-5/8" Shorties to finish it. The rest of the mods will be suspension since it's old. Steeda Caster / Camber plates, KYB Struts and Shocks, FRPP 5300-C Springs, Subrames, Upper / Lower Control Arms. That's pretty much it. Don't want to put a blower on it and get crazy, I want my son to live. Gonna teach him to be responsible. He will be working it mostly as I show him.
  5. did you get it? if so looks like a great project
  6. Hopefully the guy is coming over tonight with it. I have cash in my pocket and my garage is ready for this project.
  7. Well it's over. He was on the way to my house and it was hours that I didn't hear from him. I get a text, the car is totalled I'm so sorry. I can't believe it. I'm sick to my stomach. My son is beside himself as this was his car. Might as well delete this thread.

  8. What?!!! That really sucks.
    So crazy he was on his way to your place; what are the odds of that happening? Reminds me of my friend that had a '96 248a(4.6 GTS) that got totalled by a drunk in a S197. We still say he'd still be driving that car if it hadn't happened.
    Hopefully when you two get your hands on a project car, you'll like it so much you won't mind that this happened.
  9. ....or, he got a better offer on it after the two of you spoke and he's just telling you it was totalled. Wouldn't be the first time that's happened. It's an easy out for him.

    Heck....who knows, he might have had a change of heart and could part with it and just didn't have the stomach to tell you? :shrug:
  10. man than really sucks but you will find another one
  11. That came across my mind. However I was buying it off a guy at work's friend. It was pouring rain and the streets were flooded. I don't have all the information yet. Told my friend to find out.

    It's weird. Last weekend he was coming to my house and wound up in the hospital with kidney stones. Then again he's on the way to my house and wrecks the car.

    Guess the car was cursed or something. Kinda glad it's over, just not meant to be.
  12. That sucks.. Would have liked to see someone else with a GTS!
  13. Sounds like the car has some bad mojo attached to it.
  14. that does blow but i'd wait for the whole story.
  15. Well my friend found out he really dead wreck it. He was sitting at a light and got rear ended. I'm just waiting for the pics he's sending our friend.
  16. At least he wasn't feeding you a line of BS, though it sucks that it didn't work out for you. Better it happened before you owned it though!
  17. Of all the beat up ill-cared for Mustangs out just has to be a bone stock clean well-taken care of Stang that this happens to. Sheesh...go figure man. I'm actually sick to my stomach also. But at least there will be other cars out there. And heck, if the damage isn't too bad, you might still be able to pick it up. COnsidering the year and mileage, it'll likely be totaled out even if it is repairable. Maybe offer him a few hundred bucks to take it off his hands. And you and your son can repair over the next few