Buying a Ford in So. Cal!

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  1. Just wanted to let ya know my dad is the fleet manager at Raceway Ford out here in So Cal, in riverside. So let me know if your buying a 05GT or any ford for that matter, he will give you the best deal, I told him I goina send some mustangers his way!
  2. ah really? cool i'm not too far away from riverside, i live in the OC. I won't be getting mine for a few more months but i'll stop by there when i'm ready.
  3. My friend is very close to buying a 05 GT. We just test drove one in Fontana yesterday...
    I think he is going to have to order one because he can't find the options he wants.

    He's looking for:
    Mineral Grey
    The top interior upgrade package (18g i think)
    the red seat package
    shaker 1000
    air bags
    17" polished wheels

    Who should he call? What's the number?
    I see several dealers going as low as $200-500 over invoice for ordered cars. Can you match that?