Buying A Mustang

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  1. That's the route I took. I knew it would be more money to buy a low mile, stock car and then mod it, but it's nice not to have to deal with hacked up wires an fixing other shadetree mechanic repairs. Plus you get to add the mods that you want.

    Congrats on the find. Unmolested low mile Fox body cars are getting hard to find.
  2. good looking car. congrats.
  3. the black one looks really nice, good find.
  4. The story goes on but it's a good one. Initially, the credit union approved me for the loan. I then made the deal with the seller. Then, after the fact, the credit union said they wanted an appraisal to approve the loan since the car was considered a classic.

    At that point, I pulled my own cash ($6000) and got the car into my possession. I did not want to spook the seller into selling to the others that were waiting in line with cash in hand. Anyway, the bank understood my move and told me that once the car was in my possession, I could have it appraised and they would do the financing and give me back my cash.

    So, the car was appraised this weekend and it came in higher than I expected. Now mind you, this is not stated retail value, but the appraisers opinion of the value and what the car should be insured for.


  5. thats a story worth hearing. good find. I wish I had waited for a clean stocker. I bought a beat one for 1k so I could build it up the way I thought I would want it. it's been a nightmare and a money pit. If I had a stocker I would leave it alone and enjoy the hell out it.
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  6. Now just make sure you insure it for that value. Regular insurance policies don't take too kindly to Fox mustangs. If something happens, the insurance company will want to cut you a check for $1500. Definitely look into agreed value policy, or collector car policy.
  7. Very nice find OP. It's like a cleaner version of my car.
  8. Nice work! Congrats!