Buying a new carb

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  1. I`m going to buy a new carb.I think that Holley wins out about being the best carb.There is one thing that bothers me. A lot of people has said if you are using your car for the street buy a edelbrock.If you use it for street and track buy a holley.Why is there a difference? Is it the gas mileage? Also I am leaning towards a Holley street avenger 670. Would this work good for me? As soon as the UPS man brings them I will have 165 AFR`s to go with my set up.Thanks,Tony
    86-302 HO bored .030 over crank .010 under,
    B-303 cam ,harland sharp roller rockers,
    performer rpm intake, 625 carter
    66-289 heads, ported with 160-194 valves, 3 angle valve job,
    4 speed toploader,granada disc brakes, 85 duraspark ignition, pony interior,the who,the doors,and ccr full blast on the stereo
  2. Any carb will work if tuned properly.

    I have been running Holley's for many years and had good luck.

    I set mine 18 months ago, it sat 5 weeks and pumped the petal twice to set choke and she fired right up. :)

  3. edelbrock carbs are really reliable but tend to not get the max out of the engine as holley does.

    either one will work great if you can learn to tune them. :nice:
  4. If you get a holley, bigs is the way to go

    Several have told me the same also. My car had an edelbrock 600 vac secondary carb when I first got it. Made several upgrades including the 650 double pumper. Noticible difference in power. The problem is for a novice like myself is jetting the carb. It has a tendency to run rich. Here's the payoff. If you are going to get a 650 double pumper I would highly reccommend a bigs hollley 650. You can get one at ebay. Do a search for bigs at ebay motors. The one you would need is $499 including shipping. New from summitt I believe they are about $329.00. Here's the difference. Bigs calibrates you carb to your cars specific specs. You give them you combo. i.e. B303 cam, 4:11 gears, 2800 stall etc. They do many performance upgrades from the out the box and they finish it off in the color of you choice. Originally I planned to go to the dyno to tune the carb. A friend of mine bought a bigs and gave him his set up. When he dynoed the car with the o2 sensor it was right on. Instead of wasting an hour at the dyno tuning the carb, I decided to send it off to these guys. Now I'll save an hour of dyno time. Your engine combo sounds very similiar to mine and if you want to race the car the 650 dp is the way to go.