Drivetrain Buying a rear end that's been sitting for 3 years

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by boostfrk, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Is there any concern with buying a rear end that has been sitting for about 3 years? Gears spin freely with no noise, it just looks like it needs a good cleaning on the outside as would be expected.
  2. Axle seals may need to be replaced. Things like that tend to go bad with time. But that's all I got :shrug:
    And as long as it had the cover on it and sealed up and full of gear oil, I wouldn't worry about that portion of the rear end.
  3. Awesome. He had mentioned that the right axle seal was leaking a little bit, so I figured I'd go ahead and replace both while it's easy. I also figured I'd ask about the axle bearings sine they're so easy to get to once the axle seals are out.

    If anyone else has more things to watch for please chime in.
  4. Look on the axle itself where they ride in the bearings. If there's pitting on the axle, that's a sign of bad bearings. And if it's too bad, I would wanna replace the axles themselves too. Because if the pitting is really bad, it'll just eat through bearings like it's nothing. No pitting, I wouldn't even worry about new bearings. BUT, they are cheap enough that you could do it all without breaking the bank. Your call :D
  5. Pull off the cover and look at the oil.
    If the oil is water free, you should be fine.

    They will last much longer than 3 years if stored inside.
  6. This is what I had thought of. Being in Florida, moisture is abundant here. I don't want to open up the cover and see a bunch of rust and corrosion on the internals.
  7. odds are the inside will be fine.
  8. I dunno, my preference is to have my own built.
    It's a used part, so it's a little bit of a crap shoot.

    Depending on how much you are paying, i'd go into it with the idea that it either doesn't spin both tires and or whines, and if it doesn't, feel lucky.

    What reason are you buying a new rear?
  9. also check the clutch packs to make sure they arent burnt up.
  10. Mine sat 7 years.

    Before starting, i drained the fluid and cleaned the hell out of it, and replaced the axle bearings and seals. Fresh fluid in and the ONLY issue i noticed was the two axles were locked as if the clutch packs were fused. I couldn't turn them by hand independently.

    When i drove the car, i took a left turn and the inside wheel dragged for a set and then broke free and started working normally. Must have "broken the seal" with the clutch packs.

    After that, drove perfectly fine.
  11. Well I picked it up yesterday, looks like it's in really good shape. I plan on replacing the axle seals as the right one was starting to leak and since it's been sitting. Will probably be awhile before I get it installed in the is coming soon.

    Thanks for the feedback!