buying a vette tomorrow....

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  1. A friend of mine has to leave for Iraq and has to get rid of his vette...

    Its an, 132k miles, 30k miles on engine, 500miles on trans, flowmaster exhaust, no cats, 17" chrome Zr1 have 75% tread on them, alpine CD player, and a few other little up grades, great body, white with red racing stripes, well taken care of...


    Book is $6500 (without mods, without engine/trans rebuild). Same cars on ebay is going for 9-13k. I think im getting a good deal!

  2. Now you can cruise with SD in his Chev-Vette :D
  3. sucks for your army friend, you're getting a hell of a deal..

    my brother got his 85 for 4 grand and his was nicknamed the "ghettovette" (by me) because it only had one working (only one flipped up) headlight, faded paint, torn up interior, several computer problems that fooled the computer into thinking it was at different rpms than it was, a lemon-sized hole in the y-pipe, a bad rack and pinion that made the car nearly impossible to steer at low rpms, a top that was covered in faded blue canvas (a canvas top on a vette!) instead of a glass top, and an engine that smoked blue.

    Despite all that, we have the car running relatively nice now for a little more than we have in my mustang (though mines a complete restore, he still needs to a lot on the interior and cleaning up the motor). So we consider it an average deal. These cars are a ton of fun. Beware though... corvette parts prices are quite a bit higher than those for mustangs (by quite a bit i mean 3-5 times on almost everything).
  4. :nice: Sounds like your getting a good deal. I love my vette ('92 auto) it pretty much my daily driver even in the winter here in chicago. I havent really done any mods to it though...its hard to justify spending that kind of money on car that handles that good and is that fast from the factory.
  5. Sounds like a good deal! Have fun!
  6. If the bank ever comes through...I tell you what...morons. I have had my current govt job for 4 years, i make twice the average income for our part of the state, college graduate, only other bill is another car payment....but they have to have a ****znitty load of collaterol (I have another small loan out with them that I have paid faithfully on for 2 years now). PLus, all of their 'agents' are in classes today. Im sure the car will be sold by the time they get back to me.

    Heck, i guess I could put it on my credit card.
  7. Loan went through in 5 min at another bank!

    Just looked up the book value at NADA (I dont use KBB)

    without the exhaust, the cd player, the engine and trans rebuild or the ZR1 wheels...

    average retail...$10300!!!!!!

  8. I have 2 words for you:

    Plastic Applicator

    :D That's one of the "nicknames" for vettes ;)
  9. HAHA. I have actually heard that one. I wont be keeping this one long though, should sell pretty easily. Payments are $124 a month. Insurance is $600 a year for full coverage.